The National Security Agency is working overtime to make sure another Edward Snowden doesn’t happen again. But many of the methods are rubbing current NSA employees the wrong way.

Two former NSA officials told VentureBeat that the agency, still reeling from the Snowden debacle, has unleashed even stricter guidelines to restrict access to sensitive data.

PRIVAC, or privileged access, is the NSA’s term for access to highly sensitive channels that contain data on active NSA collection programs, the former officials said. In recent months, the agency has curtailed PRIVAC for civilian contractors, limiting them to a need-to-know basis.

“With PRIVAC, you have access to lots of NSA systems. Some individuals must have PRIVAC to access different machines. And more often than not, that person is a civilian contractor,” a former NSA official told VentureBeat.

“So, the NSA finds itself in a position where they have this incredible architecture, and they’ve become very rigorous about not letting contractors have PRIVAC where possible,” the first former official said.

“And this is a good thing if you’re trying to lock down your systems.”

Both former NSA officials declined to be identified because they were discussing ongoing, internal agency processes.

The White House Big Data Report & Apple’s iOS 8: Shining the Light on an Alternative Approach to Privacy and Biomedical Research

The White House Big Data Report & Apple’s iOS 8: Shining the Light on an Alternative Approach to Privacy and Biomedical Research

Big data derives from “the growing technological ability to capture, aggregate, and process an ever-greater volume, velocity, and variety of data.”[i] Apple’s just-releasediOS 8 software development kit (“iOS 8 SDK”) highlights this growth.[ii] The iOS 8 SDK touts over 4,000 application programming interface calls including “greater extensibility” and “new frameworks.”iii For example, HomeKit…

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Todas estas connotaciones de clóset dependen de una metáfora subyacente. En el uso americano, el espacio arquitectónico designado en su significado primario es típicamente pequeño, encerrado, esencialmente una alcoba asegurada por una puerta para guardar ropa. El uso inglés antiguo trata al clóset como cualquier cuarto o cámara privada. A través de una combinación de estos significados, el verbo enclosetarse viene a fusionar la idea de privacía [sic] y alejamiento por un lado, con el encierro estrecho, por el otro. Para el elemento del secreto ocasionado por el carácter sospechoso de lo que está siendo escondido compárelo con el proverbio: un esqueleto en el clóset. Historiadores de la literatura también hablan del ‘drama de clóset’, que es uno que jamás se intentó para una actuación pública. Un escritor eclesiástico del reino de Jaime I de Inglaterra escribió la expresión ‘pecados de clóset’, así que el uso como adjetivo de la palabra tiene una larga historia.

Norma Mogrovejo, <i>Un amor que se atrevió a decir su nombre</i> (2000)

Thought you guys might like this brief history on the word “closet”, which can be used in Spanish in the same way it is in English (i.e., not “out” as LGBTQ+). 

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i think you're really talented and I look up to you a lot. i also got more excited that i'd like to admit when you followed me a while back ^^;

-huggles- That means a lot to me sweetie! (Kinda wanna know who’s behind the anon, but I respect peep’s privac! ouo/ )

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This is a strange question and I hope it doesn't invade your privacity. Which accent is the sexiest for you? You can think about it from your mother language or english (I mean, listening the foreign english, like mine... it is a mess :/ )

i don’t care about accents at all and I personally don’t think there’s a “sexiest” one cause who cares about how you pronounce words and phrases as long as you are comfy with the way you speak haha. the sound of people’s voices is the most appealing to me ✌️

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Name: Jorge
Nickname: Shadowjl
Birthday: May 19th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: i really don’t know (?)
Height: 1.75 cm

Time Zone: GMT -5 Bogota
Time Time and Date here: 9:15 p.m. February 25 
Nightly hours of sleep: 3 or 10 hours lol
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The last thing I googled: “Bogota City Time Zone”
First word that comes to mind: Tireeed
What I last said to my family: “Hello to everybody” “yup” i don’t remember
One place that makes me happy and why: Some place to sleep with privacity *^*
How many blankets I sleep under: 0 cause nia, my daki is the only one i need  to warn me uwu <3 
Favorite beverage: lemonade or dr.pepper *^*
Last movie I watched in the cinema: The Imitation Game, with my friends the last weekend
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You are being watched.

Living in a surveillance state was unthinkable in the world in which I grew up. That’s what it was like in the USSR, not here in Canada, not in the free world.

They tell us that these cameras watching us everywhere is to keep us safe.  Except they don’t.  When police officers are accused of committing attacks on people in their custody, somehow the surveillance cameras that are supposed to be watching them never seem to function.

When a murderer attacks you in an underground parking garage you are not going to be any safer.  Of course the authorities will be able to put him in jail for killing you.  But does it make you any safer, I wonder?

my opinion about celebrities

dont uploaded pics of  ben s wedding respect his privacityt “

. sorry ladies,  when ya lou are a celebrity, millonaire, with privilegiable jobs, you will have to deal with paps, fans, etc. don

its the prize you have to pay. and , if you dont like it, well , get a simple job, work in a factory where you win a  salary as the most of the people on the world.  it sicks me when i heard from celebrities  claiming for privacity

give me your fame, money and celebrity that i dont bother paps near me or fans who upload pics of my wedding. “

so, i will upload all the pics i like it from  any celebrity i like