what bothers me it’s not that everyone’s defending Calum because ok, it’s not cool to leak someones privacity like that (even though this person made that choice by sending something that people can keep forever and hold against you), but if this was a girl people wouldn’t even care if it was without her consent, she still will be treated as a slut, but when it’s a boy “it isn’t his fault, she took advantage of the trust she was given” I hate people and their double standards.

as i said yesterday, first Calum, and then Michael. Now on twitter people is saying that “supposedly” there’s a vine of Michael’s jerking off and I have seen this video and I’m like, what the fuck? what if it’s not him? and what if it’s him? YOU’RE AGAIN OF COURSE RUINING THE PRIVACITY OF SOMEONE.


The National Security Agency is working overtime to make sure another Edward Snowden doesn’t happen again. But many of the methods are rubbing current NSA employees the wrong way.

Two former NSA officials told VentureBeat that the agency, still reeling from the Snowden debacle, has unleashed even stricter guidelines to restrict access to sensitive data.

PRIVAC, or privileged access, is the NSA’s term for access to highly sensitive channels that contain data on active NSA collection programs, the former officials said. In recent months, the agency has curtailed PRIVAC for civilian contractors, limiting them to a need-to-know basis.

“With PRIVAC, you have access to lots of NSA systems. Some individuals must have PRIVAC to access different machines. And more often than not, that person is a civilian contractor,” a former NSA official told VentureBeat.

“So, the NSA finds itself in a position where they have this incredible architecture, and they’ve become very rigorous about not letting contractors have PRIVAC where possible,” the first former official said.

“And this is a good thing if you’re trying to lock down your systems.”

Both former NSA officials declined to be identified because they were discussing ongoing, internal agency processes.


The White House Big Data Report & Apple’s iOS 8: Shining the Light on an Alternative Approach to Privacy and Biomedical Research

The White House Big Data Report & Apple’s iOS 8: Shining the Light on an Alternative Approach to Privacy and Biomedical Research

Big data derives from “the growing technological ability to capture, aggregate, and process an ever-greater volume, velocity, and variety of data.”[i] Apple’s just-releasediOS 8 software development kit (“iOS 8 SDK”) highlights this growth.[ii] The iOS 8 SDK touts over 4,000 application programming interface calls including “greater extensibility” and “new frameworks.”iii For example, HomeKit…

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And if you want privacity then do something to get it! 

Don’t expect fans to stop watching over you,because this is never going to happen…

Think a little, the fans are worried about you, of course they care and they want to know what happens to you..

História de Aaron Swartz, o menino da Internet

O Menino da Internet: a História de Aaron Swartz

"O filme narra a história do jovem Aaron Swartz (1986-2013), um jovem programador norte-americano que acreditava na mudança radical do mundo através da internet e da computação. Durante toda a sua vida, Aaron usou a programação computacional como uma forma de nos ajudar a resolver problemas e tornar o mundo um lugar mais democrático, justo e eficiente. Em uma destas tentativas, Aaron irá usar a rede do MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) para realizar o download massivo de milhões de artigos acadêmicos de uma base de dados privada chamada JSTOR. Nesse meio-tempo, o Ministério Público dos Estados Unidos irá conduzir um processo criminal contra Aaron, que termina por levá-lo ao suicídio. Fonte: Daniel Valentim."

Publicado em 24/07/2014


Quer ativar a tradução de legendas do Youtube?


Via Sergio Amadeu da Silveira


”(…) y subí en el ascensor. Justo entre el primero y segundo piso sentí que iba a vomitar un conejito. Nunca se lo había explicado antes, no crea que por deslealtad, pero naturalmente uno no va a ponerse a explicarle a la gente que de cuando en cuando vomita un conejito. Como siempre me ha sucedido estando a solas, guardaba el hecho igual que se guardan tantas constancias de lo que acaece (o hace uno acaecer) en la privacía total. (…)
Cuando pienso que voy a vomitar un conejito, me pongo dos dedos en la boca, como una pinza abierta, y espero a sentir en la garganta la pelusa tibia que sube como una efervescencia de sal de frutas. Todo es veloz e higiénico, transcurre en un brevísimo instante. Saco los dedos de la boca, y en ellos traigo sujeto a un conejito blanco. (…)”

How can you ask for privacy when everyone can see your likes and your supposed “private” pics ?

You are sharing your private life by yourself… It’s normal for fans, people who want to know everything about you, to become curious about.

Yah, there are some rude ones but if you’ll keep sharing stuff it’s normal to lose the privacity.

If you doesn’t want people to know about it then stop being so obvious…