The National Security Agency is working overtime to make sure another Edward Snowden doesn’t happen again. But many of the methods are rubbing current NSA employees the wrong way.

Two former NSA officials told VentureBeat that the agency, still reeling from the Snowden debacle, has unleashed even stricter guidelines to restrict access to sensitive data.

PRIVAC, or privileged access, is the NSA’s term for access to highly sensitive channels that contain data on active NSA collection programs, the former officials said. In recent months, the agency has curtailed PRIVAC for civilian contractors, limiting them to a need-to-know basis.

“With PRIVAC, you have access to lots of NSA systems. Some individuals must have PRIVAC to access different machines. And more often than not, that person is a civilian contractor,” a former NSA official told VentureBeat.

“So, the NSA finds itself in a position where they have this incredible architecture, and they’ve become very rigorous about not letting contractors have PRIVAC where possible,” the first former official said.

“And this is a good thing if you’re trying to lock down your systems.”

Both former NSA officials declined to be identified because they were discussing ongoing, internal agency processes.

The White House Big Data Report & Apple’s iOS 8: Shining the Light on an Alternative Approach to Privacy and Biomedical Research

The White House Big Data Report & Apple’s iOS 8: Shining the Light on an Alternative Approach to Privacy and Biomedical Research

Big data derives from “the growing technological ability to capture, aggregate, and process an ever-greater volume, velocity, and variety of data.”[i] Apple’s just-releasediOS 8 software development kit (“iOS 8 SDK”) highlights this growth.[ii] The iOS 8 SDK touts over 4,000 application programming interface calls including “greater extensibility” and “new frameworks.”iii For example, HomeKit…

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