The National Security Agency is working overtime to make sure another Edward Snowden doesn’t happen again. But many of the methods are rubbing current NSA employees the wrong way.

Two former NSA officials told VentureBeat that the agency, still reeling from the Snowden debacle, has unleashed even stricter guidelines to restrict access to sensitive data.

PRIVAC, or privileged access, is the NSA’s term for access to highly sensitive channels that contain data on active NSA collection programs, the former officials said. In recent months, the agency has curtailed PRIVAC for civilian contractors, limiting them to a need-to-know basis.

“With PRIVAC, you have access to lots of NSA systems. Some individuals must have PRIVAC to access different machines. And more often than not, that person is a civilian contractor,” a former NSA official told VentureBeat.

“So, the NSA finds itself in a position where they have this incredible architecture, and they’ve become very rigorous about not letting contractors have PRIVAC where possible,” the first former official said.

“And this is a good thing if you’re trying to lock down your systems.”

Both former NSA officials declined to be identified because they were discussing ongoing, internal agency processes.

The White House Big Data Report & Apple’s iOS 8: Shining the Light on an Alternative Approach to Privacy and Biomedical Research

The White House Big Data Report & Apple’s iOS 8: Shining the Light on an Alternative Approach to Privacy and Biomedical Research

Big data derives from “the growing technological ability to capture, aggregate, and process an ever-greater volume, velocity, and variety of data.”[i] Apple’s just-releasediOS 8 software development kit (“iOS 8 SDK”) highlights this growth.[ii] The iOS 8 SDK touts over 4,000 application programming interface calls including “greater extensibility” and “new frameworks.”iii For example, HomeKit…

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@/HANILOVESME the cyber-harasser of Kim Jongin.

Sorry for the many faults I’ve done, english is not my mother tongue.
Kim Jongin aka Kai came to Los Angeles for vacation with his family for private time in family, so basicly any fans were not supposed to know where he gone EXCEPT SASAENGS. So Kai arrived in LAX there were already many fans but Jongin refuses to be take on photos, and he had tell to fans to.not take picture and to respect his privacity. Yes, because the one who came were not Kai the super idol from EXO, but Kim Jongin the normal korean citizen who came to LA to have free and private time with his family so he had refuse all presents, letters and to sign any autograpahs because Kim LA not Kai. EXO are really busy idols who almost don’t have time to spend free and private time to see their family, Jongin’s freetime with his family was really important, just for some days Jongin and family want just to spend private moment in family as a NORMAL FAMILY who have anybody to stalk them. Kai from EXO is professionnal and know to be when he is moving somewhere as KAI, so he is nice and smiley to fans but in LA, Kai WASN’T present only Jongin the korean citizen and he didn’t why there were people who stalk him, he didn’t know how to act, so he just be Jongin, someone who don’t understand why those persons follow him and ignore them because Kai wasn’t here.

But the problem was, Kai’s fans were not supposed to know that he would come to LA with his family, ALL BECAUSE KOREAN SASAENGS AND THEIR RELATED IN LA, his family came to LA frome differents flights to keep distance from fans/sasaengs. So arrived in LAX, Kai’s fans were dissapointed by JONGIN’s “”“rudeness”“”. Sonamong all those EXO’s fans whonwere hoping to see Kai, one of them with the twitter account “Hanilovesme” start to bash and insulte Jongin and his family, she even insults Rahee, Jongin’s older sister’s baby daughter by calling her a futur slut and make COMPLETELY FALSE RUMOR about Kai on drugs. I’ll leave you all her rudeness and harassing comments about his family in this compilation of her tweets from her twitter. She also assumes to be a sasang, she is from Korea she lives in Seoul or Hongdae apparently from what she have answer to people who ask where she is from.

Compilation of screen from “Hanilovesme” :‘fan’

If you understand, Jongin’s family don’t wish to be taken in photos, they just want to spend private time in family, having the feeling to be free from medias/fans/sasaengs, they don’t want to act, they want to be A NORMAL FAMILY not  famous EXO’s super idol Kai family. Don’t worry, I feel all your comments about being a celebrity/star, an idol require to lose almost all of the private life, but if fans were not stupid as “Hanilovesme” they could came the difference between the idol Kai and Kim Jongin, so if Jongin’s were there, they must respect his privacy and leave him having his really rare private freetime with his family. Being an idol don’t mean to bo stalk everywhere  and everytime before being an idol, an idol is ALSO A HUMAN TO HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE HIS PRIVACY FOR THE WELL BEING OF HIS FAMILY. Jongin’s second sister have a Cafe where it’s forbidden to take photo, but the that supposed stupid EXO’s fan “Hanilovesme” don’t respect the demand and she also having fun by insulting Jongin’s sister by illegaly taken photo.

This girl (and surely many others are) is the first one to be dirrespectful toward Jongin, he simplely asked to not take picture and to respect privacy, so for a normal korean citizen named Kim Jongin it’s not normal to receive letters and presents, but if Kai from EXO was here he could take them because, being an idol is his work, so as Jongin he wasn’t in LA as Kai from EXO who were there to work. Here the difference between a simple, normal, cummon person who travel with his family and an idol who travel with his friends/collegues for works. The one who must be professionnal when he go out is Kai from EXO and the others have don’t have to be concern by Kai’s fans is Kim Jongin. So who is really rude ? “Hanilovesme” (and her stalkers slaves) of course! She shows disrespectful behavior by taking him in photo, so his reaction is completely normal to hide his face, fans wants to give Kai his presents, get autographs from Kai, to be greet by Kai but Kai wasn’t here. “Hanilovesme” who felt outrage by JONGIN’s behavior and not Kai’ as you have seen, she expresses her anger … no her hatred toward Jongin AND his family throught her tweets by insulting her sister, her mother and even Rahee, Jongin’s niece, she insults Jongin and Kai. She took pleasure to insult everything about Jongin’s family because she doesn’t want him to have privacy, even in South Korea she stalks Jongin’s family. This girl who pretend to be fan only show hateful comments since she starts her twitter account but with her stupid(s) friend(s) they also start an tumblr named “kaiinlosangeles” to continue to put down and to show their hatred toward Jongin and his family.

Let me ask a question, for an idol who almost have not any freetime to spend with his family, and in its only freetime the idol have, the idol ask to have privacy is it normal to stalk Jongin who want just to have normal  private stay in La with his family ? Is it to much ? Fans are more important than family when you can barely see them on a year ?

Don’t Jongin deserve to have some day of privacy with family when he is not on his schedule as Kai from EXO ? Does he deserve to be treat as a rude person when he is Jongin and not Kai ? No, because sasaengs have not respect him toward his demand of privacy. Idol mustn’t have to apologize when sasaengs and fans who start to act like sasaengs act like this toward idol.

Make the diffefence, fans who mostly follow … or should I say, stalk idols out of their schedule, into their private life are stakers/sasaengs, most of fans who follow idols during their schedules are mostly NORMAL fans. That’s right we mustn’t give attention to them but when they are making false rumor because they can’t interact with idols, we have to do something, they need to be … hm bash by all the others fans, because this minority of sasaengs make others fandoms get dirty by their actions and behaviors 

Even if you can’t see her tweets you always can report her account :

I know I should not share the screen that show Jongin during his privacy but I want to denounce the really bad behavior of that stupid sasaeng.

Hi!! First of all, i would like to say you that you both are terrific!! Thanks for your smart answers. Secondly, i was thinking since i read that last DD stament..could be that CC, worried for all that noise BEFORE the filming, ask DD and GA to say that they are only friends, for the privacity of the shooting?? What do you think?

Thank you and I hope you don’t mind that I’m making your fanmail public because you bring up a good question.  I wouldn’t put it past their teams or CC (or FOX) whoever being concerned about this causing a distraction. I really wouldn’t be surprised if CC was concerned since the ship was already something he tried to avoid for so long because the show was never suppose to be about the msr. The show is his baby and he is fiercely protecitve. I could see that being as something they would have to consider. The studios may see it as good press because thinking about the Twilight showmance and how that help drive the franchise.  I don’t think this is exactly what is going on now but again its something they may have considered  assuming they are together. 

What do you think? 

ES, wanna chime in on this? 

- RM

This is what I call a cautious reveal of myself.

I know I am looking way too serious here but meh, it’s a start. :) 

If anyone wonders why I don’t show an unedited unfiltered picture of my it’s because I am one, still cautious in terms of privac and secondly a bit anxious because of most of you knowing about my previous blog. I hope you all understand. :) 

mirthfulmeg asked:

#17 ID ask

17. Would you say your tumblr is a fair representation of the “real you”?

As much as any social media site could be when you’re an introvert partial to privac? Yeah, sure. Certainly much more ‘real’ than my facebook…I hate that thing. But yes, on the whole, I’m a strange feminist fiction lover librarian who is obsessed with television, sloths, and funny things I find on the internet.

Privacidad en comunicaciones
  • Reportaje realizado por Maria Eugenia Duffard de Periodismo para todos y el ex agente de inteligencia Carlos Rodríguez en el que se puede remarcar la facilidad con que se puede violar la privacidad en las comunicaciones actuales.
  • Periodista:¿Usted cree que a Nisman lo espiaban?
  • Ex agente de inteligencia:Sí; es de libro eso, estoy seguro.
  • Periodista:¿Porqué es de libro?
  • Ex agente de inteligencia:Porque hay cosas que no deberían ser pero... es decir, todo el mundo quiere saber de todo el mundo. Es un deporte nacional.
  • Periodista:¿Cree que ese seguimiento o ese espionaje a Nisman se reducía únicamente a pincharle los teléfonos?
  • Ex agente de inteligencia:No. No, cuando se espía se espía.
  • Periodista:¿Qué quiere decir eso?
  • Ex agente de inteligencia:Empezas con los teléfonos, los mails, a quién ve, con quién habla, quién es este, quién es la otra, todo. Y después, el próximo paso, se lo empieza a seguir [...]
  • Periodista:Se habla inclusive de que en la Argentina existe un tipo de tecnología bastante sofisticada que permite interceptar comunicaciones, mensajes de un celular a otro.
  • Ex agente de inteligencia:Si, si. Existe, y existen valijas que uno puede realizar escuchas a distancia.
  • Periodista:Osea, usted me dice que yo desde acá con una valijita, osea un aparato...
  • Ex agente de inteligencia:Un ordenador, un portátil, es una cosita así no es mucho más grande que eso... podemos estar sentados acá, alguien puede pensar que uno está con un ordenador y está realizando una escucha. Y estas interfiriendo la escucha, y estas cambiando mensajes que se están enviando.
  • Periodista:¿Cómo sería eso de cambiar el mensaje que se están enviando?
  • Ex agente de inteligencia:Interceptas el mensaje que va a la antena, lo tomas, lo cambias, lo redireccionas, y en vez de decir "Hola mariana" le pones "Mariana te odio". Llega una amenaza. Y cuando van a comprobar y realizan el seguimiento, salió de esa antena que corresponde al celular mio que está a dos cuadras de tu casa, y eso se hizo desde aquí.
  • Periodista:Y yo dueño del celular ¿nunca me enteré?
  • Ex agente de inteligencia:No, y difícilmente en un peritaje lo puedan detectar.

“Qual o segundo nome da sua mãe?” ou “Em que colégio você fez o Ensino Médio?” são duas perguntas – entre outras – que tradicionalmente a gente precisa responder na hora de fazer o cadastro em um novo serviço online. Pois bem, uma pesquisa do Google revelou que as tais perguntas de segurança são ineficazes naquilo que se propõem a fazer: confirmar a sua identidade caso você esqueça a sua senha. O buscador pegou “centenas de milhões” de perguntas secretas e suas respostas (ei, como fica a privac


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I used to think like people telling Crisrina was fake like they have a contract were d**s, but now seeing Bradirina pics I am like maybe they were right, I mean, in 5 years we NEVER saw Cristiano and Irina being as cute with each other as Bradley and Irina, or holding hands. We only saw then in public events. But like you said, come on a fake relationship contract for five years?! I have my theory: It started as a contract, but they liked so decided to go on, and then split out.

Honey, every relationship is different. We all know that Cristiano hates paparazzis so bad, so probably he makes Irina hates them too, all they wanted was privacity. That’s why they always looked so mad in paps photos. But it seems like Bradley doesn’t care, so Irina doesn’t care. They are just enjoying their relationship everywhere. I don’t believe there was a contract between Cristiano and Iri.