Nothing upsets me more than seeing people I really care about in pain.

I really wish I could just take all of your hurt for myself and make everything better. You deserve so much better than this. <3 

xyle asked:

rp log folder B)

I have so many though :c
I keep them in separate folders

okay well here it goes

first off are the ones i’ve done most recently. These are saved in my documents file

then in my archived stuff:

in the prip folder I only have the frist smut RP ive ever done, since I trusted skype to save my logs:

in the ‘bro’ folder, which is Dan, many many rps:

both is both humans and trolls:

humans, clearly just humans:the genderswap one is i think my favorite.

sort is ones I have to edit and sort into other folders: not me is ones accidentally sent to me that I didnt have any part in

and then finally trolls:


Neviem, či obloha sa kníše tak rýchlo, alebo moje oči sú iba nezbedné.
Sama vo veľkom dome obloženého starým drevom s úzkosťou na pleciach.
Aspoň jeden živý tvor na blízku, aby som vedela pripísať nečakaným ochvejným zvukom ich zdroj.
Náhla zvláštnosť so strachom, že…
Veci ktoré nechceme aby sa stali sa nevyslovujú, a asi nepíšu, tak radšej zmĺkviem.


So I had to decorate the house I downloaded, of which I am still not done but holy hell am I tired. Most of my XIV families are made and moved in on the same block. I think their neighbors are K’aworu/Aysun/Fenix to the left. Across the street is D’ly, Kerr, Prip, and Scarlet. There are a few more full houses on the street too.

Anyway! Before I totally signed off, I let them do their own thing. My goal is to mainly focus on Ophelia- I’m not going to monitor anyone else’s actions or anything (unless they need it cause they’re gonna die or something)

These are the first actions everyone decided to do. Xenedra took to some soap operas, Vash went to “Play Sims Forever” (I even caught him on a woohooing hottub), Edward was hanging with Xenedra for a few minutes but ran off to do some exercise. They must’ve been joking around because Xenedra gained the comedian skill.

Then so did Ophelia. Turns out her first action was chattin’ with daddy. Must’ve been a doozy, look at Castus’ face.