From task list to gantt chart in 0 steps

In the beginning PriorityCentre enabled teams to easily collaborate and track meetings and tasks.  All was well in the world however as time passed people’s priority lists grew longer and their teams bigger.  With so many tasks and team members it became difficult to see who had too much on their plate or who was falling beyond on their tasks.  

Our customers wanted a chart that showed everyone in their team and how they were progressing with their work.  They wanted to know which tasks were taking longer than expected and who had the most (and least) work left to complete.  In short, they (and we) wanted some sort of Gantt chart but they didn’t want to enter all the extra information such as start and end times of tasks. 

So we’ve delivered a progress chart (shown below) that shows all of the tasks for each person on your team, how much they’ve worked on them and when they are likely to complete them.  If you’ve estimated the amount of time a task should take then you’ll see that on the chart, if not then you’ll see the task as a milestone.  If a task is taking longer than you estimated it will be highlighted in yellow and if you’ve completed it on time then you’ll see it in green.  

The order of the tasks in the chart is determined by their order in your priority list.  So when you reorder your tasks the progress chart is automatically updated to reflect the change.  The chart also uses the work days and times you’ve configured in your account to make the chart is realistic as possible.  For example, if a task is estimated to take a couple days and you’ll be starting it on Friday, it will span over the weekend until Tuesday.  

The chart also displays the five most recently completed or deleted tasks to provide some context for how well you are sticking to your plan.  You can play around with the chart for yourself in our demo or signup to PriorityCentre for your team.  

Convert meetings into actions with PriorityCentre

We’ve all been there, we’re in a meeting and decided on a bunch of action items to be done for the next meeting.  Each person scribbles down their tasks and they’re off.  The next meeting rolls around and some people have lost their tasks, not written down enough detail or just forgot about them all together.  

PriorityCentre solves this problem for teams like yours and mine.  The minutes taker at the meeting just needs to replace a notepad or a word document with PriorityCentre’s meeting page.  While you’re typing your meeting minutes as you always do, just enclose anything in the meeting with  ’@username’ and end it with ’@end’.  When you’re done with the meeting you can just select ‘create tasks for this meeting’ and all those tasks will be created, assigned and tracked back to that meeting.  

The tasks created from the meeting are emailed to the person responsible and the meeting minutes will be instantly viewable to everyone in your team.  Now when the next meeting rolls around you’ll be able to see all the tasks and their status.  

But wait, I don’t like typing in the web browser because it might close and I’ll lose my meeting minutes?! Fear not, PriorityCentre will auto-save your minutes every 20 seconds and save them as a 'Draft’ until you finish the meeting.  

Try it out for yourself at

Press Release: PriorityCentre Google Apps™ TRUSTe Certification

SYDNEY, 30 September 2011 – Mijura announced today that its PriorityCentre software has received TRUSTed Apps Data Privacy Certification in the Google Apps Marketplace. TRUSTe certification demonstrates that Mijura follows TRUSTe’s privacy standards for the Marketplace apps in regards to the collection, storing, use and sharing of its users’ data and adheres to standardised best practices described at

The TRUSTe certification makes it easy for IT buyers at businesses and schools to quickly assess an app’s data collection practices, improving and simplifying the app evaluation and purchase process. With TRUSTed Apps certification, organisations can be confident that PriorityCentre meets TRUSTe’s privacy program standards – an important consideration when purchasing a Marketplace app.

PriorityCentre is a web based meeting and task management application that provides an intuitive and simple way for organisations to improve transparency and collaboration.  The application was first available on the Google Apps Marketplace in early September 2011, with the integration enabling millions of organisations around the world to easily setup and install our software.  

“Having PriorityCentre TRUSTed Apps certified for Google Apps Marketplace gives buyers more confidence to download our app, resulting in a higher number of installations,” said Adam Brimo, the co-founder of Mijura. “The TRUSTe seal enhances our credibility by immediately showing that we clearly communicate our data handling and privacy practices that are in alignment with recognised national and international privacy policy standards and frameworks.”

“TRUSTe’s customised certification program for Google Apps Marketplace makes privacy policies for web-based apps more transparent so that organisations can better determine whether an app is appropriate for their particular usage or not,” said Chris Babel, CEO, TRUSTe. “Becoming certified allows Mijura to differentiate its apps from others increasing the number of downloads from the Google Apps Marketplace.”

Google Apps Marketplace Listing

AutoComplete for TinyMCE provides inline autocomplete in a style similar to Twitter or Facebook. The text you type in tinyMCE is checked against a list of specified options; if there is a match then you will see them appear in a list underneath the caret.

We developed this plugin for PriorityCentre and we are happy to release it under the MIT license.

Compact your priorities in PriorityCentre

Too many priorities in your priority list getting you down? By default your priority list in PriorityCentre will show you a preview of the task, comments and due date across 3 lines. All this information is great but once you have a dozen or more tasks open at once it can get cluttered.  

Today we’re adding a ‘compact view’ for your priority list.  It shows you all the information you need on a single line.  Now you can see twice as many tasks in your list at once! You can still reorder your tasks by clicking, dragging and dropping them to a new spot on your list.

To compact your priority list, just click on the 'Compact View’ button in the top right hand corner of your priority list. To turn it off, just click 'Compact View’ again and your preference will be remembered every time you view your priorities.  

Let us know what you think and check out PriorityCentre at

Getting the most out of tags

PriorityCentre lets you create tags (sometimes thought of as labels or categories) and easily apply them to tasks.  Once a task is tagged, the tag will show up in your priority list next to the task and in the ‘All Tasks’ page.

We now have two more ways that tags can help you stay organised.  

Tag overview/report

In the 'My Reports’ menu you’ll find something called the 'Tag Overview’.  The tag overview will show you all of your tags and all of the tasks across your teams.  Your tasks are organised into colour-coded panels for each tag in PriorityCentre. 

The tag overview will update automatically when you modify, create or remove a tag. So you can leave it open during the day and always be up to date with your team. 

Filtering your priority list

Does your priority list currently look like this?

At the top of your priority list there is a button called 'Filter By Tags’. When you click it you’ll see a text box slide down where you can select one or more tags.  Your priority list will then only display the tasks that have a tag matching the ones you selected. 

Now your priority list might look more like this:

These new features are already in PriorityCentre so you can check them out today. Don’t have an account? PriorityCentre is the easiest way to manage your tasks, meetings and team. Try it free for 30 days!

Press Release: New Features, Google Apps™ Integration

SYDNEY, 14 September 2011 – Mijura is pleased to announce that PriorityCentre, a web application that manages team meetings and tasks, is now available on the Google Apps for Business marketplace. Since launch, PriorityCentre has attracted users from around the world including the University of New South Wales (UNSW). The company also added new features to enable users to convert meeting minutes into tasks and generate reports on their tasks.

Mijura’s founder, Adam Brimo and Prashant Varanasi, were thrilled that UNSW had begun using their software, “It’s great to have PriorityCentre being used to teach team management to the next generation of Software Engineers.”

The PriorityCentre software was in a ‘public beta’ testing phase until late August. During that period it attracted over a hundred users from around the world and from a range of industries including education, software development and consulting. “The feedback and support from our users was invaluable and led to some great new features,” remarked Brimo.

“We looked at how our users were creating tasks and where most of their tasks came from; we then discovered that lots of tasks were generated from meetings.” Brimo continued, “So our software now lets businesses take meeting minutes and automatically convert the resulting action items into tasks. Now all the action items from your meetings can be tracked and followed up by your team.”

“Since PriorityCentre is web based software, we are able to release new features as soon as they are ready and to all of our existing customers.” Brimo stated in discussing the benefits of modern subscription based software products. “It’s exciting to create and use innovative online software as you no longer have to worry about software updates or maintenance.”

Google Apps Marketplace Listing

Tag your way to efficiency in PriorityCentre

Today we’ve added tags to PriorityCentre.  A tag is a label that you can add to a task, you can create as many tags as you like and assign multiple tags to a single task.  

We’ve created a super simple page for adding and editing tags that you can access by clicking ‘Manage Tags’ at the bottom of PriorityCentre.  Just choose a name and a color and you’re off and tagging.  

You can easily add tags to a task when you are creating or editing a task. You can even create tags while you are editing a task, just type in a tag that doesn’t exist and PriorityCentre will ask if you want it created.  

When you tag a task, the tags will appear in your priority list right next to each task.  

You can see tags for yourself by trying out PriorityCentre, our task and meeting management app.  If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. 

A couple of features for PriorityCentre

We’re excited to show you two new features that make PriorityCentre more useful and your team more productive. Assigning tasks within your meeting minutes is easier than ever with twitter style autocomplete for your team members’ names. When commenting on a task, you can now attach files directly to your comment.

Autocomplete for your meetings

When entering your meeting minutes into PriorityCentre, you can surround a line with ’@username’ and ’@end’ to automatically convert the line into a task and assign it to the person. The only difficulty was remembering your team member’s username, today we are happy to end this pain. All you have to do is type ’@’ and a list of all your colleagues will appear, select the one you want and their username, followed by ’@end’ will be inserted automatically.  

The autocomplete feature currently works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 9 or higher. 

Attach files to comments

Underneath the comment box on all your tasks, you will now see an option to attach a file. You can attach as many files as you like and they will appear right beneath your comment as well as inside the attachment list on the task.  

If you have any questions about these features then please contact us. If you don’t already have an account then you can get started for free at Thank you for your feedback and support, we welcome any suggestions you might have.

Task management simplified

PriorityCentre, our first product, aims to simplify task management and collaboration for business and teams.  It grew out of our frustration with todo lists, sticky notes and big project management software being either too limited or too complex to manage and work in a team.  

The Problem

Priorities are always changing and as an employee you might spend valuable time working on a task that is no longer required.  As a manager, do you know what all of your employees are working on at any given time?  Do you know what your colleagues are working on? If you did, could you offer them some help if a task was taking a long time?  Maintaining transparency and collaborating with your team is generally done through a series of email and meetings.

Our Solution

PriorityCentre makes it easy to collaborate on tasks, know what your colleagues are working on and know what you should work on next.  Each person on your team has a priority list that shows all of their tasks in the order they should be completed.  Either you or your manager can change the order of your list and when that happen’s you’ll get an email to let you know.  

When you’re done with a task just mark it off and move on to the next item in the list.  PriorityCentre automatically keeps track of how long you spend on a task and a manager can easily see exactly what each employee is working on and for how long. PriorityCentre runs directly in your web browser so there is no software to install.  It’s free to try for a month so check it out and let us know what you think. 

Demo Video