Print shop is open for about three weeks!!!!!



Well, the time has come. I do print sales about 4 times a year, sometimes less…and that time NOWWWW MANNNN. Featuring new prints from Cozpho PhotographyPhotosnxsFawkes Photography andFelix Wong Photography

Some changes since last print run to help with some minor complaints from the last run:
1) I will be upgrading the shipping materials to have better backing for the large prints. I have tagboard to add in front/back of the prints to keep them safer in-transit.
2) I will be using small tracking and bubble mailers with backing on small prints now, so shipping will no longer be free for those domestic prints, unfortunately. I used to send them in a standard envelope with stamps to keep the cost very low, but due to some international prints getting bent and lost in the mail, I’m sorry but I can’t do that anymore. It’s too unreliable and I want to make sure my prints get to you!
3) To help mitigate the cost of shipping, I now do NOT charge extra even for large orders, everything is combined. If I need to use two envelopes to mail your order, you will only be charged for shipping once. *** Please keep in mind that if someone were to, for whatever reason, order bulk prints (like 25+ prints, we would need to discuss the details of shipping personally because then the packages begin to get very heavy but I’m happy to only charge you what USPS would charge and not a penny more for profit).

Other points of interest you should read:

International rates and domestic rates for prints are the same as the last run. I’m sorry to report that USPS rates are not great, so I’m at the mercy of the postal service to set these prices for domestic and international shipping.
These are for PRE-ORDERS. So, it will take approximately 6 weeks for your prints to arrive. Here is why:
1) You order the print from me. The print shop is open for 3 weeks before step two happens.
2) I order the prints from a print shop, which takes time to ship to me. Usually about a week.
3) I order packing materials for prints, which takes time to ship to me. Usually about a week
4) Everything arrives and orders are processed. Usually takes about a week.
Which put us at an approximate time frame of 6 weeks I keep my shop open for 3 weeks because, as many of you know, I don’t do this often. So I want to open it to as many people who want to order as possible.

Thanks everyone and happy shopping!


Check out the incredible and beautiful work of Cezar Brandao!  We’ll be releasing a print from him in the future so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and to like us on Facebook for our latest updates.  You can also sign up for our newsletter on http://store.thepeoplesprintshop.com

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