The Eternally Boss Kamala Khan + Carol Danvers


New prints for the 2015 con season! Starting March 6th, the marvelous Marvels join the fabulous Rocket + Groot on this year’s con circuit. These boss ladies are 8.5” x 3.67”, full color on glossy, prem-o paper and go for $6.00 USD a pop. 

Not going to Kawa Kon, (or Planet Comic Con or AniMinneapolis or Denver Comic Con?) That’s okay! Unlike my con-exclusive buttons, these prints will be available in the shop the same day as their IRL premiere.


I’m selling prints this month, any print you want! Just message me and let’s talk: what size, how many, what country you’re in? My base price for a 11 x 17 print is $20, shipping in America is about $5 and out of country is about $15. 

My website is at http://justinguthrie.org, or you can just go through my archives, I’ll print anything for you. Thanks! 


We want to welcome one of our new tutors this year Susan Vera Clarke. 

For the past 4 years since leaving Falmouth University Susan has been gradually working towards establishing a place for herself within the printmaking world.

Initially trained as an etcher and lithographer Susan has turned her hand to many printmaking methods including letterpress, lino and now works primarily in screenprinting on paper and fabric.

Susan works part time as the studio coordinator at East London Printmakers and spends the rest of her time designing and printing her own projects.

Susan will be teaching some of our screenprinting on fabric courses this year at the studio! 

First course starts February 11th. For more information about courses please click here.


Introducing Prints In Play, our new collection filled with prints so vibrant that you’ll almost forget there’s snow outside your door (almost). We pulled inspiration from everywhere - the spring collections, our design team’s travels, and Jodi’s (Arnold, our Creative Director) enthusiasm for prints. 

The prints you wear and love say so much about you. They tap into your confidence, sense of adventure, and heritage, almost like a road map. They draw a line between where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. Prints are so easily aligned with a moment in time, but can instantly become modern when worn with textures like lace and mesh. 

We asked Jodi which pieces in Prints In Play were her favorite, and she immediately replied with our Floral Printed Asymmetrical Skirt. She calls the asymmetrical hem a “stairstep peplum” and forecasts that we’ll continue to see these playful hemlines through fall.

If your sense of adventure has kicked in and you’re ready to add more prints to your closet, we’re offering 40% off all dresses and skirts and 30% off everything else with code SHOP40 at checkout. Enjoy! 

Mona Lisa. (you have to meet her).

High quality A4 digital inkjet archival print on Somerset satin 330gsm paper with acrylic and ink added by artist.
signed and numbered by artist. only 25 to be released.

Mona Lisa is the first release from the ‘city girl’ print series.


mona lisa poem.

mona lisa you have to meet her,
she gets on the northern line at about quarter to nine.
late starter.
but she doesn’t do the rush hour yo.
ladies flawless,
she doesn’t want to step on toes.
you can hear her in the morning marching on road.
clapping the pavement as her heels go….
mona lisa you have to meet her.