Personal Safety Plan printable

Hey guys!

I know a lot of my followers suffer with depression and other mental illnesses that cause you to feel suicidal at times (don’t worry, I do too), so I decided to make a Personal Safety Plan printable for when you are feeling like it’s just not worth it anymore.

Here is a little sneak peak of it, as you can see it’s very plain and straight to the point. 

If you’re more into happy colors, never fear for I have made them in different colors (which also makes it easier to find when you’re in a state of panic)!

How exciting!

Included on this safety plan are fillable:

  • Coping methods
  • Numbers of people to call
  • Calming techniques
  • So so much more

Feel free to take a look at it to see if it’s right for you!

You can access the printables here

Please let me know if you decided to use it and what you think of it, or if you decided not to use it and why.

Enjoy my loves xx

hiii! so ive seen SO MANY printables made by the lovely studyblr community and i thought i would compile a bunch on this post! ~not mine~

++ masterposts

i personally love the 30 minutes schedule and have adapted it to my bullet journal ~ hope this was helpful! xoxo sareena

So I made a weekly planner I truly intend to use!! (It looks so empty but it’s the summer semester and I only have one class!)I just found out about the studyblr community and it is so, so inspiring. I am sharring it with you as my first ever contribution to the studyblr! Yay!

I made four versions on the variation of the tiny deers at the top (I love them, but maybe someone won’t want them there!) and the blanks for the daily objectives. My personal objectives are 1) work on school things 2) read a few pages of a book since I’m doing the “2015 Reading Challenge” 3) write a minimum of 100 words of anything and 4) spend less money!

With the deers

One blank version

Two blanks version

Without the deers

One blank version

Two blanks version

If you use it or make a variation of it please like or reblog so I know I helped someone! Thanks! :) Oh and I’m not a study blog, I’m a hockey blog: don’t follow or you’ll be invaded by handsome dorks.

EDIT: There is a Monthly Expenses Chart that matches this planner.

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Today’s Plan of Action printable

I thought it was time that I made a daily planner printable (since all studyblrs have one right?). This was actually lots of fun to make and I can definitely see myself making a lot more printables in the future!

I corrected the minor grammatical and spelling errors that you see in the picture

What’s on it:

  • Must Do
    • 5 slots
    • Check boxes
  • To Buy 
    • 5 slots
  • Meals
    • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner slots
  • Hydrate
    • 10 water slots
  • To Contact
    • 3 slots
  • Today’s General Plan
    • I chose to not do the normal 30 minute increments like most planners, and instead only make 3 sections- morning, afternoon, and evening. I found this to be a lot better for people who aren’t as busy or don’t have a normal schedule
  • Daily Chores
    • 5 slots
    • Check boxes
  • Expenses
    • 5 slots
    • Fillable $ amount
  • Notes
    • 3 lines

You can access the printable here

I hope you guys enjoy and maybe find some use for this xx

Hi everyone! Exams have finally ended woohoo. 

Every time i use a weekly planner, i find myself exceeding the given space (big handwriting problems). Thus, I’ve decided to create my own printable! It’s minimalistic and there’s plenty of space for you to write :)

There’s a blank page at the end that i can’t seem to get rid of, so be sure not to print that. 

Hope you liked it! Printable can be found here 

Self Esteem Journal Printable

I know for some (including me), having high self esteem is a hard thing. So, I decided to make a self esteem journal printable! It is a daily journal, and the printable has seven (7) days- Sunday through Saturday. 


  • Daily chart with-
    • “I felt proud when…”
    • “Today I accomplished…”
    • “Something I did for someone…”
  • Weekly reflection with- 
    • “The best parts of this week were…”
    • “Something different I want to do next week is…”
    • “Overall this week was…” (Good | Okay | Bad)
    • A few lines to fill in whatever you want
  • Inspirational quote

I think this will be a good start for me, which is why I’m sharing it with all of you!

You can access the printable on Google Drive here.

Enjoy! x

Hello! I made a Monthly Expenses Chart that matches my weekly planner. Thought I’d share this one too!

With the deers: click here

Without the deers: click here

If you think of another printable you would like me to do with this style, please ask me. It would be a pleasure! Thanks for sharing if you use it, like it or if it inspires you! :) <3