The Eternally Boss Kamala Khan + Carol Danvers


New prints for the 2015 con season! Starting March 6th, the marvelous Marvels join the fabulous Rocket + Groot on this year’s con circuit. These boss ladies are 8.5” x 3.67”, full color on glossy, prem-o paper and go for $6.00 USD a pop. 

Not going to Kawa Kon, (or Planet Comic Con or AniMinneapolis or Denver Comic Con?) That’s okay! Unlike my con-exclusive buttons, these prints will be available in the shop the same day as their IRL premiere.

anonymous asked:

Do you model for an agency? What type of modeling do you do? What exactly do you model for? <3

Agency? Psh
I’ve thought about it
That way they would agree the terms and I don’t have to be the “bitch”
But they’d probably fuck me over too

Mainly just model me being me
People wanna capture that then I’m cool with it
Or if they have a school project I’ll help, gladly
I model because I love creating images
It’s really nothing serious

I second guess myself a lot
I don’t feel like anyone important
But then why are people using my image, to make prints or push their products?
Then that’s when I feel like I see my potential, I’m the stupid one, they see it, I don’t
People wanna play the friendship card
And we aren’t friends like that
Because real friends are considerate
That was my thing, feeling hurt and used

Beach bluff farm colored charcoal drawing (by Alpine Seaside Landscapes)

Inspired by the coastal ranches of northern California, this is a black and white charcoal drawing colored digitally. Details are textured with a crosshatch pattern. 
(artist statement)

Jeff Bossler is doing a lot of beautiful landscapes and other pretty things, most times using subtle and friendly colors, and has developed a unique style of pretty framing.

Introducing fellow artist Alpine Seaside Landscapes. Follow the link to see more beautiful pictures on various prints and products.


Flora Chan   |

"Prologue is a series of fine teas inspired by literary classics. Each canister of loose leaves features a unique blend of flavors that characterizes the novel. The designs on the tins include motifs from the narratives and other elements that are a part of the reading experience."

I am a designer originally from Singapore, and am currently a Communication Design major at Parsons the New School for Design.
I love coming up with stories, making things, and making things happen, and I’m currently learning how to make things responsibly.

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Kathy Wu   |

"An imaginary brand of chocolate inspired by origami paper and Japanese multi-purpose wrapping cloth called furoshiki. By paying attention to the art of wrapping, we bring moments of fun and beauty into everyday life."

Kathy studies graphic design at RISD. She also loves fine art, technology, textiles, and prose. She dances likes its the seventies when no one’s looking. Hobbies include writing and rabbit-drawing.

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Its my first day back at home in Nigeria and i couldn’t hold back my excitement. This is what 6 months in Florence studying bespoke shoe making has produced. Note, i did not just design this and tell someone else to make it. Every single piece in this photo was made, cut, engineered, sewn, nailed, stretched and fabricated by my hands over a wooden last. No machines, just pure artisan craftsmanship mixed with some post colonial African aesthetic. This pair of footwear is not just a fancy piece of clothing. It combines innovative elements of a dress shoe, vulcanized sneaker and work boot to create the superior urban trekker. Infused with a comfortable Vibram sole, Good year welt and Heel counter. Roughly speaking it took me a month to make these and sometimes i wanted to give up after cutting myself and bending my back into a strain. I now have a month in Lagos to use what i have learned to further my ideas in the west African terrain. After the summer break, i go back to finish up the apprenticeship and chase a career somewhere in Asia hopefully. Wish me luck. Stay blessed and Inspired.


Wedge & Lever   |

"A self-initiated project exploring the beer and wine category. For the brand story we created a fictitious narrative combined with historical facts from the Salem witch trials. From there we built out the brand and product line by integrating the occult theme into all aspects of this case study."

Our design philosophy draws on the ability to communicate ideas, provide meaningful responses and aesthetically unique outcomes. We take complex ideas and communicate them in simple, effective and intelligent ways by working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs so that we may deliver the best possible project outcome.

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