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Harry Imagine for Anon

'We are delighted to welcome you into our University Mrs Y/L/N, we're looking forward to seeing you!' You almost dropped dead as you read those words printed across your laptop screen. You were accepted! Actually accepted into your dream college. You couldn’t wait until Harry got home to see this, he would for sure be ecstatic as well. Harry supported you every step of the way through out this whole process, and you were more than grateful to have such a loving and encouraging boyfriend by your side. The only problem was that he was at the studio for another three hours and there was no way you were going to be able to wait that long to tell him the news. A couple of minutes later your phone was in your grip with Harrys contact now on dial. It rang once, then twice, then three times and pretty soon it hit voicemail causing you to let out a groan. You hang up the phone and try him again, being almost sure that he would pick up this time. Ring….ring…..ring. Voicemail once again. You tap the end button bringing you to the home screen of your iPhone. Maybe he would pick up on text? You knew he must’ve been avoiding your calls due to the fact that he was busy at the studio, but you just had to tell him. It was your dream to get accepted into this one university and Harry would be more than happy about this. ‘Please answer’ your text read as you taped the send button. A couple of minutes passed, you continuously looking at your cell to see if he at least read the message, but there was no sign that he was aware of the whole thing. You groan and pick up your phone being determined to try him at least one more time, and thats what you did. But just ‘one time’ turned into two, then three, then four. By this time you knew you were going a little overboard and finally decided that there was no other choice than to wait until he got home.Β 

——- (spongebob time card voice) 3 hours later

A smile soon makes its way to your face as Harry pulls into the driveway. You take a couple of steps towards the door awaiting his appearance at the front door, and pretty soon he was now standing in the doorway. “Harry guess what I’ve just found out today.” You start, but your expression soon drops as he slams the front door, the look of complete rage filled on his face. “What the hell could’ve been so important for you to call me ten million times at the studio, Y/N!” His voice booms through out the living room. You take a couple of steps back as he became more and more intimidating, “I mean my phone must’ve went off ten times in the middle of the recordings, we had to do the songs over so many fucking times because of you.” He continues now beginning to remove his shoes from his feet. You fumble with your fingers and look down at the floor, you had no idea that this happened. His gaze continues to stare at you, the tension in could be cut with a knife. “It can wait.” You mumble out now becoming a little insecure and embarrassed that you were the cause of this whole situation. He just scoffs before responding, “Well obviously it can’t sense you called me ten billion times, Y/N. I mean what the hell are-I got accepted into college Harry.” You blurt out, tears now beginning to blur your vision. You look up at him and soon his expression went from angry and infuriated, to soft and guilt-ridden. He ran his fingers through his hair as he slowly took steps towards you to engulf you into a hug. You instantly relaxed into his hold and his chin rested at the top of your head. “God I’m so sorry.” He mumbles out pressing a kiss to your hair. You just shrug in understanding, “It’s alright, i was just a little excited.” You admit and he cups your face with his hands, “Im so proud of you babe, don’t ever think otherwise, i had no idea.” He murmurs softly before pressing a kiss to your lips, “You have every right to be excited about something like this babe, i was just being a dick I’m so happy for you.” He admits, “I mean-” You cut him off with a kiss before he can trail off. “Its fine.” You mumble into the kiss and he lets out a low chuckle, ” M’ so proud of you, babe.” He slurs.

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Izaya walks by one day and notices that she's made her own little board or uses a play house and started doing the same with her friends, people in her class, and teachers. He just casual gives her some tips like "You might want to consider moving that toy car a little closer to the dinosaur before you getting rid of the teacup. That might make things a little easier."

IZAYA GIVING HER TIPS oh my god. he’s such a proud papa. his little girl is just like him and she’s so smart he’s so proud

except namie gets so angry she’s so angry she doesn’t know what to do except print out pictures of dead fish eyes and shove them in izaya’s face

"stop telling our baby how to play your twisted games"

"get those things away from me—!"

get your stupid brain away from our baby!”

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