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Akihiko Miyoshi

Artist whose works explore the subject within the divide of digital and physical technology, with installations and inkject compositions:

I believe we live in a moment when the digital and the inertia of the analog collide with each other creating an aesthetic and a lived experience unique to our time. It is my hope that the works here look and feel of its time. This is the subject of the works presented. The works create tensions between material and immaterial, real and virtual, analog and digital, pigments and pixels, that can be used as an allegorical device with which to look at our present state. 


The works specifically consider the aesthetics and condition of production representative/symptomatic of our time where pigments and pixels push and pull at each other. It strives to invoke what is immediately unrepresentable today, only felt in its effects. Specifically, the effects of mechanics such as optics that underlie photography but also of algorithms, systems, applications, software, and networks refracting data, pigments, and pixels that are ultimately felt through our bodies rendered into sensation.

More at the artist’s website here