Do it yourself!

While some of you are relieved that you can now purchase niche-fashion goods from us, there are some of you that are talented individuals capable of sewing clothing yourself. You find pride in being able to create unique pieces of clothing and enjoy the challenge sewing brings you.

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Asian vs. Western Fashion: What do you want?

When it comes to fashion there are many varying types of clothing styles inspired by what people want in their clothing. Some females desire more lace, more ruffles and more extravagant princess-like articles of clothing, while others prefer simpler, rustic-styled clothing. However, due to the variance of what people desire, individuals are able to combine different styles to create new looks.

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So... I heard that you like contact lenses!


Speaking of the latest trends that are gradually becoming (ridiculously) popular lately. Many of you must have heard of circle lenses, especially the more popular lenses from Korea such as I.Fairy, GEO, and Fynale. They’re contact lenses that are colored and come with prescriptions which last up to a year! Now you might be thinking “Yeah well, I can get contacts with my local optometrist, so it’s not a big deal!” The contacts from your optometrist cost around $220+ a year. Yet, the contact lenses from Korea cost around $18-25/year. (You see where I’m going with this yet?)

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