This puppy is my grandparents puppy for Christmas. He got to spend about four hours with me until my dad got off work. I want him sooo bad! He’s such a sweetie and sooo cuddly. Gah I wish he was mine lol.

For the people I know personally on Tumblr, if you know my grandparents dont say ANYTHING to them about this puppy! It’s a secret until Christmas Eve =]

Just got back from the haunted house...

It was AWESOME! I went with my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend. I screamed sooo much and my sister almost cried! Scariest part for me was at the end when they chased me with a chainsaw, no one else just me… I was dragging my boyfriend trying to get away from this freaky person haha.

Loved it! I wish I could go again! I love Halloween time!