When stupid people call me a princess like it’s an insult
  • Mulan was a fucking warrior who saved her country
  • Rapunzel left the only life she knew to find out who she was
  • Ariel gave up everything for love and was true to herself
  • Cinderella worked her ass off every single day
  • Belle was smart and loyal to her family
  • Jasmine refused to conform to society’s oppressive rules
  • Aurora believed in her dreams
  • Merida wasn’t afraid to be a tough girl
  • Elsa sacrificed for her sister
  • Anna never gave up on who she loved
  • Tiana worked to make a better life for herself
  • Pocahontas defended her people
  • Snow White kept a positive attitude even when treated like shit

So I’m a princess? Good. That is the best compliment you could ever fucking give me.

Signs as princesses
  • Aries:warrior princess that rebelled against her parents and saved her town
  • Taurus:rich princess that sits in a gold throne all day eating fancy treats
  • Gemini:techno future princess that's super smart
  • Cancer:sleepy princess who stays in her tower sleeping all day not wanting to leave
  • Leo:dancing princess that wears glorious dresses who goes to all the balls
  • Virgo:space princess who lives on another planet
  • Libra:romantic princess who lives happily ever after with their lover
  • Scorpio:evil princess who casts a devious spell on the world
  • Sagittarius:restless princess that runs away who can talk to animals
  • Capricorn:cat princess rules all the cats
  • Aquarius:magical princess who can cast spells and makes potions
  • Pisces:water princess who lives in a castle by the sea that has ocean blue hair
the signs as their ethereal kingdoms
  • Aquarius:River Princess
  • Pisces:Rain Princess
  • Aries:Garden Princess
  • Taurus:Wind Princess
  • Gemini:Flower Princess
  • Cancer:Sun Princess
  • Leo:Desert Princess
  • Virgo:Urban Princess
  • Libra:Moon Princess
  • Scorpio:Ghost Princess
  • Sagittarius:Cloud Princess
  • Capricorn:Ice Princess

Shout out to all the closeted or unaccepted trans boys who have to wear a dress or girly clothes and/or makeup for Easter Sunday. You’re all handsome princes and you can get through this.

Shout out to all the closeted or unaccepted trans girls who have to wear a masculine suit and tie for Easter Sunday. You’re all beautiful princesses and it will get better.

Shoutout to any closeted or unaccepted non-cis person who is made wear something that is against their identity and makes them dysphoric. You are all beautiful. Keep your chin up and power through this. It will get better.