I’m so fucking excited!!! Why, you ask? Because this isn’t an allowance, or a gift. It’s the money from one of my freestyling adventures! I was determined to try pulling a honeysugarjar bc my FS game is strong. Let me explain…. So I get dressed up, motivated to actually leave the house, etc, and go to this hella nice lunch/lounge type of restaurant. It’s one of my fave freestyling spots because of the food and usually nice company. I walked in looking like stunning as fuck (when being an art/fashion student comes in handy). *NOTE: When I pull the “every man’s wet dream” look, it can seem unapproachable. I counter that with a sweet attitude.* So after my appetizer, I lock eyes with a average middle-aged gentleman. Business attire, nice watch, cufflinks, correctly fitted suit, exactly what I wanted. I continue to eye-flirt and giggle and feeling bold, I order an expensive main course. Goal: to not have to pay for it. We were both alone so I signal him over and work him like the rent is due. He’s having a wonderful time, I’m not as bored and by the time the check comes (together 😊) we’ve racked up about $400 worth of food. He pays (fuck yes), and talks about meeting again. I tell him I’m busy, classes and work (don’t have an official job btw), whatever else I can come up with but I get the point across that my time isn’t free. He takes out his wallet and proceeds to give me what cash he has left in exchange for my number. I legit almost cried. FUCKING SUCCESS BITCH!!!! I promised him absolutely NOTHING but a phone call and got like $120+$400 meal. So yeah, I had a nice day. Btw, I want to write my FS tips that I promised but I’m lazy as shit…. 💖Hello Kitty swag bc Princesses stay paid hrhprincesslana💖


Appearances can be very deceiving, and anyone who looks past the title of the movie quickly discovers this jaw-dropping central detail about Disney’s “first African princess“: She is actually white. She’s not African, either. Nor is she even a princess. She’s just Emily Heaton, of Virginia. Granted, she is adorable, and seven years old; so I hate to say this, but she’s also an entitled brat with a rich, spineless dad. She is the spirit animal for global white supremacy and American imperialist power. And now she’s slated to be immortalized by Disney.

Let us count all the ways in which “The Princess of North Sudan” is a disaster

I finally got round to creating my gemsona for the world of Steven Universe! <3
This is Peach Moonstone, and she is a new member to the Crystal Gems. She often babysits Steven if the other gems are busy. She loves to try all the new flavours of donuts from Big Donut and has a pet rabbit named Fuzz. Her gem is placed over her right nipple and from it she can draw out a magic bottle of powerful healing elixir. Unlike the other Crystal Gems, she does not fight; instead she looks after them once their battles are over.

Gemstone Symbolism: “Peach Moonstone supports the heart as it stimulates the mind, soothing worry or anxiety, and bringing out the best in people. Its loving energy promotes the Divine in all situations, and is an emotional support for intuitive or sensitive children.” [x]