Just for fun - Aladdin and Jasmine - color and black and white

I’ve been having a real blast learning to color digitally. In my spare time I decided to push myself a little further than the usual single character poses, just for fun. So, for a super fun Friday post, here are Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu in color and my original pencil drawing. Enjoy!

I think this is my favorite imagery throughout the whole song. She’s uncomfortable through virtually the whole song, with the water being too cold, having people crowding around her painting her face, and being put into tight, uncomfortable clothes. But the noose resemblance is the most powerful of all. Mulan is not able to be the traditional daughter that would succeed in this ritual, it would slowly kill her to have to live the life of a ‘perfect daughter and bride’. I think this just really shows how vital it was that she ran off to the army, not just to save her father, but to save herself.