Ah… Glorious high definition OTP….

I like how Prince Zandar sticks up for Sofia even after she leaves and chews out James for putting Sofia on the magic swing, even though James was responding to Amber’s goading. But, hey, he’s right! James should be held accountable for his actions too.

"I thought you said she was your sister?"

Could Zandar be Jasmine's son?

This is a Sophia the First question. I was watching the show with my little sister today (we bond over it). We watched the “Two to Tangu” Episode. In it, I not only noticed that Zandar resembled the clothing choices from Aladdin, but has a bit of a flying carpet obsession. And I mean Jasmine sort of shows up too. But at the same time, they aren’t from the same kingdoms (I don’t think) nor does it make any mention. But is it possible? I’ve heard it rumored before. Opinions anyone?