Please support H.R. 223: Federal Prison Bureau Nonviolent Offender Relief Act of 2011

Nonviolent pot prisoners like Canada’s Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, could be released after serving only half their time.

This bill would “amend the federal criminal code to direct the Bureau of Prisons, pursuant to a good time policy, to release a prisoner who has served one half or more of his or her term of imprisonment if that prisoner: (1) has attained age 45; (2) has never been convicted of a crime of violence; and (3) has not engaged in any violation, involving violent conduct, of institutional disciplinary regulations.”

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HOW COME I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS!?!?!? You see the text in the read circle? Well, apparently someone translated (wish I know who to thank them) that text and it says that Konomi-sensei (yes, the mangaka) said that Sakuno iS RyomA’S GIRLfRIENd WHEN THEY aRE 23 YEARS OLD AKFJLKJASDKFJALSJDF

I can’t with the feels. I caN’T

Edit: Welp. Bad news guys :’c Apparently the translation is wrong/misunderstood. Thanks echizen-momoko for clearing things up. The thing it actually says is:

“Question: What about the braids?

Konomi: It’s Sakuno’s. She might even have gathered courage and chased after Ryoma. Even if she’s very low-key (or drafted away from others), it feels like her presence is still there. Isn’t it like her?”

“Kanojyo rashii desyo?” , theres two possible meaning. One is that “doesn’t it seem like she’s his girlfriend?”, and second is that “isn’t it very like her?”. 

Don’t you hate it when you get your hopes up and then you hit reality? u.u…   AT LEAST THEY HAD A CANNON “DATE” 

Marc Emery’s U.S. prosecutor urges pot legalization | CBC News

The former U.S. district attorney who prosecuted B.C. marijuana activist Marc Emery in a cross-border sting is calling for the legalization and taxation of pot in Canada and the U.S.

John McKay, a former U.S. attorney for the western district of Washington State, was joined by Emery’s wife Jodie and former B.C. Attorney General Geoff Plant at a lecture in Vancouver on Wednesday.

McKay said he did not regret prosecuting Emery because he broke U.S. law, but he believes the war on pot has been a complete and total failure. He said the laws keeping pot illegal no longer serve any purpose, but allow gangs and cartels to generate billions in profits.

“I want to say this just as clearly and as forthrightly as I can, marijuana prohibition, criminal prohibition of marijuana is a complete failure,” McKay said.

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"Prince Of Pot", Marc Emery, To Be Released From Prison This Wednesday

“Prince Of Pot”, Marc Emery, To Be Released From Prison This Wednesday

The “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery will be released from a United States prison this Wednesday after serving a five-year sentence for selling marijuana seeds to customers south of the border.

His wife Jodie – who is gearing up to run for the Liberal party in a federal election in the Vancouver-East riding – says it only dawned on her this weekend that her husband was coming home.

She said, ”He knows…

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The ‘Prince of Pot' Marc Emery denied prison transfer

In the same week an Ontario court struck down Canada’s marijuana law, “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery was told he won’t be allowed a prison transfer and must serve his entire sentence in the U.S.

Kirk Tousaw, a Canadian lawyer for Emery, said authorities told his client in a letter received Friday that the U.S. government refused his transfer request due to the “seriousness of the offence” and “law enforcement concerns.”

Emery, who had been imprisoned in Georgia, pleaded guilty Sept. 10 in Seattle to selling marijuana seeds to Americans through his Vancouver-based catalogue company and was sentenced the same day to five years in prison.


And now, a word from our Greek Chorus: Lessons on Losing from Cowboys

If the Student Council gets their own series for having ridiculous meeting activities, then the Shadow Girls deserve their own special segment above all others! This time, A-ko and B-ko take on cowboy personae in order to suggest that there’s something wrong with Utena’s plan. Importantly, this play also marks the first appearance of a potted cactus, which will show up again as one of the most ridiculous bits of symbolism the show has to offer.

All the screencaps and explanation under the cut!

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