Tag 10 people you’d like to know better :)

Sexual orientation: I have been conditioned to think I’m heterosexual but I really have no experience to say(idk I guess?)

Favorite color: grey or midnight blue

Lucky number: 13

Last thing I googled: shelter by birdy sheet music for piano

First word that comes to mind: Galapagos-turtle (I think this is two words but it’s a turtle figure in my room that a friend got me in the Galapagos)

One place that makes you happy: Kintyre, Scotland

Favorite characters:I swear this post would go on forever

Favorite food: roast beef or soup

Favorite drink: green tea

Favorite book: rn its Aesop’s fables

Dream wedding: something (idk but it could be cool)

Dream job: I don’t know any official jobs I would want but I have always wanted a job where I can make someone really happy

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