Jamie’s Wedding Outfit

“Jamie needed to be heroic. He needed to be the handsome prince. Ron said to me, ‘This has got to be the fairytale moment.’ I’ve read all the books and they’re still talking about their wedding in the eighth book. Ron and I have that with our own wedding. We remember that moment, and it comes up in our life all the time. You want to have an image that sears itself into their brains and into the brain of the audience. It’s the moment where these two people come together for the rest of their lives. As fantastic, ethereal and beautiful as she needs to be, he needs to be the perfect man — ‘The King of Men,’ as people call Jamie. What other color are you going to put him in but blue? Add the white at the neck, and he becomes Prince Charming.”

Claire’s Wedding Dress

“It was inspired by Ron’s line in the script that the sun had to come out when Jamie saw her. So it was incredibly important to me that the dress was reflective. We used a metallic linen, and we hand-embroidered it — it took months to make this dress. As for the acorns and leaves, the oak tree is a symbol of longevity through the world. Underneath the white you see another layer covered in shaved mica. We shaved mica for days to attach under the skirt so it would give a very organic shimmer in sunlight. There were no Bob Mackie sequins at the time, so we had to find as many ways to get light into that dress as we could.”


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