well… the witchy equivalent of bowuigi is batu’s favourite romance novel “Seduction of the Turtle God” which is actually the spin off of a popular epic poem about an unexpected plumber hero who rescues a princess…

nyneve doesn’t usually like romance novels but she loves it and is so ashamed that she just tells batu “it was cute but not really to my taste”

a few months later he catches her reading the sequel and she never recovers

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Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool) <3

Ive been putting this thing off for a while. Im not sure why.

1: Loyal


3: Honest

4: Hardworking

5: I care about the people i hold close more than they will ever understand.

Im just going to tag the people i want to do this rather than post in their ask thing. and to me this isn’t mandatory but you should all realize the cool things about yourselves. 

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→ Name: April Lydia Grey {Russian name: Tatyana Markovna Belova}
→ Age: 19
→ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
→ Faceclaim: Selena Gomez
→ Hometown: Moscow, Russia
→ Title: Slave

→ Born into a strictly orthodox Russian family, April’s life was firmly planned out. She would be a dutiful daughter, nodding her head in agreement to anything her father said. The first born she had the hopes and dreams of her family shoved onto her shoulders, but they loved her with every fibre of their being. Until one fateful night when her young life was destroyed with two flashes of gunfire.

Her parents had gone to church, leaving young Prill with a babysitter. They had no idea that making that decision would save her life. As they pulled up at a stop sign, they were ambushed by two young men on motorbikes who opened fire on the car killing her parents in a bloody gang initiation ritual. With no living family, April ended up in an orphanage in Moscow with other children who had no one to care for them. She was only four years then, not realising what was happening to her. She spent an year in the orphanage before a lovely couple from the United States came by to add a daughter to their family. They immediately fell in love with the dark haired child and swept her up into their arms and brought her to her new life.

Life was perfect. April was loved by her new family and enjoyed playing with her older brother, Malachai. However, as she entered into adolescence playtime grew far more dangerous. At first it was just a hazardous touches that made her uncomfortable before it blossomed into Malachai sneaking into her room at night and jerking off beside her in bed. She couldn’t tell her parents. They had saved her from a life in the slums, she couldn’t ruin their life by her silly accusations. However, in hindsight she always regretted never telling anyone.

On her 14th birthday, Kai raped her. He told her things to manipulate her, reminding her that no one would believe her and that he was doing this because he loved her…only her. Malachai raped her almost every night for the next four years, warping the young girl’s self esteem and sending her hurtling into a depression. Even when he went to college, the girl couldn’t really shake off the feeling that he was going to come back next holiday, only to hurt her again. It was in Kai’s absence that she actually started picking her life up together, or at least what was left of it. She became the woman she had to be her whole life…only broken. She continued acting rather childish, still believing that her brother loved her and was going to stop hurting her. It was on her 18th birthday when Malachai came home from Washington, DC. She thought he was going to do something to her, but he didn’t. He actually gave her a warm hug and a present, as if nothing had happened before. For the rest ten months, it was like that and soon the petite brunette even forgot about what he had done to her, because she loved him unconditionally. However a month before she turned 19, her adoptive parents died. Kai was asked if he was going to take care of his sister, but he declined, not even thinking about it. That’s how April got sent to the resort, becoming a slave. Little did she know was…that her brother sent her there.

→ Three Positive Traits: Funny, Spunky, Kind
→ Three Negative Traits: Childish, Masochistic, Curious

→ Kinks: Biting, handcuffing, roleplay, heavy bondage, blindfolding, orgasm denial, oral {giving & receiving}, anal {receiving}, forced sex, pain, wax play, any kind of roleplay, daddy!kink, 
→ Anti-Kinks: Scat, golden showere.

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omg thanks so much for recommending Witchy! I just got up to the most recent page and I'm really enjoying it (also yes you are right, Prill is fab). And to comment on your own webcomic, Mary is really lovely and oh no Emmmm D:

Ah! Excellent! Join me! I reckon it’s my favourite webcomic currently??? Tho I go thru moods with that tbh. But gosh I’m so excited to see where witchy goes and the ART and the WORLD BUILDING and the CHARACTERS especially PRILL but also the others

And ah yeah Mary is fab :) she’ll probs recur a little bit but like I was telling you I was mostly just… not interested in exporting the potential conflict in people overreacting or whatever.

Also - man I keep forgetting when each chapter is kinda sad because I keep being more focussed on more sad things later but spoiler alert, the chapter after this one is sad too. In a different way. But I actually get more sad about it tbh. I was drawing some more of it today that’s why I’m saying this?

When I was drawing this page with Em crying on it a few weeks ago I also kept wanting to tell everyone, it was a bit upsetting to keep seeing her crying face but idk


but yes everyone come be witchy fans I’m so excite and will continue to go on about it even if you don’t care for it at all

Punëtorët dalin nga studioja.
Duke mos parë më realizëm socialist.

27 shkurt –  5 prill 2015

Më 27 shkurt 2015, ora 18.00, Galeria Kombëtare e Arteve dhe Departamenti i Shqiponjave kanë kënaqësinë e veçantë të hapin për publikun në sallën e ekspozitave të përkohshme ekspozitën ndërkombëtare “Punëtorët dalin nga studioja. Duke mos parë më realizëm socialist”, kuruar nga Mihnea Mircan. Ekspozita tregon vepra nga Irwin (Slloveni), Armando Lulaj (Shqipëri), Ciprian Mureşan (Rumani), Santiago Sierra (Spanjë), Jonas Staal (Hollandë) dhe Sarah Vanagt (Belgjikë), si dhe një përzgjedhje ekskluzive veprash nga fondi i GKA.

Workers leaving the studio.
Looking away from socialist realism

February 27 –  April 5, 2015

On February 27, 2015, at 18:00, the National Gallery of Arts (Tirana/Albania) and The Department of Eagles have the special pleasure to open to the public in the temporary exhibitions wing the international exhibition “Workers leaving the studio. Looking away from socialist realism”, curated by Mihnea Mircan. The exhibition includes works by Irwin (Slovenia), Armando Lulaj (Albania), Ciprian Mureşan (Romania), Santiago Sierra (Spain), Jonas Staal (Netherlands), and Sarah Vanagt (Belgium), as well as an exclusive selection of works from the collection of the National Gallery of Arts.