The Tridentine Mass is perfect in its form, perfect in the doctrine it enshrines. “If we take the entire service as a whole, “ wrote Cardinal Wiseman, “it is constructed with the most admirable symmetry, proportioned  in its parts with perfect judgment and so exquisitely arranged as to excite and preserve an unbroken interest in the sacred action.”

Michael Davies, The Roman Rite Destroyed



This week on TCGS: SLEATER-KINNEY with musical guest PRIESTS

This week on TCGS, we are super psyched to welcome SLEATER-KINNEY to TCGS! That’s right - this seminal punk/riot grrrl/generally all around bad ass band has reunited and for some reason they’ve decided to come hang out on the panel of your favorite public access television show. We’ll be playing a game with them all night long that you can call in and be a part of… it’s called ALL HANDS ON THE BAD ONE, and you don’t want to miss it. 


Also joining us is musical guest PRIESTS. They’re making their way up to our studio from Washington DC and are going to put their much talked about music and style and all things impressive out into our world. We are honored. Priests has a record out on the great Don Giovanni records and we predict that the combination of them, Sleater-Kinney, and your phone calls is going to make this evening explode.


Seeya there!

- Geth

ok but priests

using their mind altering abilities to:

  • sooth panic attacks and diffuse rages
  • comfort emotional pain or relieve stress by inducing happy memories and sound sleep
  • get inside their lover’s head and stimulate them with vivid visions and sensations to intensify the experience

PRIESTS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Watch the fiery D.C. punk band Priests play “Doctor” for WAMU’s Bandwidth and read the Washington City Paper cover story (yes, written by your beloved Tumblr host). 

Priests’ celibacy is open to discussion, Vatican No. 2 says

Priestly celibacy is not church dogma and therefore open to discussion, the Vatican’s new secretary of state says.

Archbishop Pietro Parolin’s response to a question during an interview with Venezuelan newspaper El Universal marks a significant change in approach towards one of the thorniest issues facing the Roman Catholic Church. Read more from NBC News.

Photo: Archbishop Pietro Parolin (Hoang Dinh Nam / AFP - Getty Images)