[…] whether they are dead or not, is a moot point. shreds of them litter history, a hand here, a bone there: is it suffering or goodness that makes them holy, or can anyone tell the difference? […]

— Margaret Atwood, The Saints


"There are lots and lots of actors I’’d like to work with in the future. I have an admiration for James McAvoy. I think it’’s because someone told me lots of years ago that I was very similar to him, and I guess when you’’re told as an actor, that your similar to someone you go ‘okay, who is this person I need to watch a film that they have done’.”


Vikings: One Picspam per Episode

I have never in my life seen men fight as these Northmen fight.
Believe me, there’s something devilish in the way they look, in their lack of fear in the face of death.

1x04, Trial