So Pride is coming up

and I know Plenty of people are excited! However, there are some issues that need to be addressed.

If you see someone that seems to be in a heterosexual relationship, remember these few things:

1. One or both could be bi/pan/poly.

2. One or both could be trans and/or nonbinary. 

3. One or both could be aromantic and/or asexual.

4. It’s none of your business.

5. Their presence doesn’t harm you.

6. You are not allowed to harm or harass them. 

7. You wouldn’t even have pride events if not for bisexuals and trans people. 

8. To deny part of the acronym is to deny every part, and hurts the community as a whole.

9. There are actual protesters that stand outside pride and hold awful signs about how much they hate us, and you think bi people are ruining pride?

Remember to be kind and respectful of others at pride, and have fun!

Hey! You! Yeah, you!

If you think if a bisexual person in a relationship with someone of the opposite gender (not going to get into gender diversity right now, different post) should not be welcome in queer only spaces, or is less deserving of being welcomed at pride events or in queer safe spaces, I would like to invite you to FUCKING FIGHT ME.

I mean it. Reblog this with your argument, message me, hell, even anon message me. I don’t care how, just do it. This is an invitation. You don’t have to feel bad for being confrontational, but I do intend to KICK YOUR BIPHOBIC ASS. I want to fight. I want to rage. I want to argue, and spit, and scream, because I am SICK OF THIS SHIT.

FIGHT ME!!!!!!!!!

@ppl who dont want bisexuals “in het relationships” to be part of pride events

you are a meanie trash person and you are uninvited from pride events. Go home and apologize to everyone you love for being a trash person.


Side Note: KNOWhomo’s Ruth Elizabeth, Cael, and Rebecca will all be attending Capital Pride in Washington, D.C.


Miami11 - 13 AprMiami Beach gay pride Bangkok13 - 15 AprSongkran Thai New Year Berlin15 - 22 Apr *Easter leather and fetish week Barcelona16 - 21 AprBearcelona Berlin19 AprSnax Club New Orleans20 AprGay Easter Parade Phuket21 - 27 AprGay Pride Festival Cleveland24 - 27 AprClaw Leather Awareness Palm Springs25 - 28 AprWhite Party Palm Springs Amsterdam26 AprKings Day Amsterdam Tokyo27 AprTokyo Rainbow Pride Madrid30 Apr - 4 MaySleazy Madrid Curacao30 Apr - 4 MaySouthern Caribbean Pride


Palm Springs2 - 4 MayBlatino Oasis Barcelona3 - 8 MayDelice Dream Sao Paulo4 May *Gay Pride Sao Paulo Copenhagen5 - 10 MayEurovision Song Contest Dallas9 - 12 MayPurple Party Los Angeles17 MayPoseidon Brussels17 MayThe Belgian Pride Tirana17 MayTirana Gay Pride Los Angeles17 - 18 MayLong Beach Pride Montreal17 - 24 MayOlivia Lesbian Cruise to Boston New York18 MayNY AIDS Walk Gran Canaria19 - 26 MayGay Pride Maspalomas Pensacola22 - 26 MayMemorial Weekend Puerto Vallarta22 - 26 MayPuerto Vallarte Pride Miami22 - 27 MaySizzle Oslo23 - 24 MayValhall Fetish Weekend Chicago23 - 26 MayBear Pride Washington D.C23 - 26 MayDC Black Pride Chicago23 - 26 MayInternational Mr Leather Las Vegas23 - 26 MayMatinee Las Vegas Festival Aarhus24 MayAarhus Pride Birmingham24 - 25 MayBirmingham Gay pride Paris28 May - 1 JunFierteOurs Bear Pride Amsterdam29 May - 1 JunAmsterdam Fetish Pride Düsseldorf30 May - 1 JunCSD Duesseldorf Vienna31 MayLifeball


Orlando3 - 10 JunDisney Gay Days Orlando5 - 8 JunOne Mighty Weekend Cologne5 - 9 JunCologne Fetish Pride Washington D.C6 - 8 JunCapital pride Los Angeles6 - 8 JunLos Angeles Pride Dallas6 - 8 JunRazzle Dazzle Paris6 - 9 JunParis tournament Boston6 - 16 JunBoston Pride Hawaii7 JunHonolulu gay pride Detroit7 - 8 JunMotor City Pride Philadelphia8 Jun *Philly Gay Pride Tel Aviv8 - 13 JunTel Aviv Gay Pride Zürich8 - 15 JunCSD Zürich Tel Aviv10 - 15 JunForever Key West11 - 15 JunKey West PrideFest Sitges12 - 16 JunGay Pride Shanghai13 - 21 JunShanghai Pride Athens14 JunAthens Pride Vienna14 JunVienna Gay Pride Portland14 - 15 JunPortland Pride Berlin14 - 15 JunStadtfest Berlin Dublin14 - 29 JunGay Pride Dublin Barcelona15 - 22 JunBearcelona Mediterranean Cruise Vienna18 - 22 JunVienna Fetish Spring Berlin19 - 22 JunGay Pride Week / CSD Berlin Istanbul19 - 23 JunIstanball Pride Festival New Orleans20 - 22 JunGay Pride New Orleans Oslo20 - 29 JunEuropride 2014 Oslo20 - 29 Jun *Skeive Dager (Oslo gay pride) Toronto20 - 29 JunWorldPride 2014 Toronto Rhode Island21 JunRhode Island Pride Chicago21 - 22 Jun *Chicago Pride Denver21 - 22 JunGay Pride Fest Denver Houston21 - 30 JunGay Pride Houston New York22 JunFolsom Street East London22 - 29 JunGay Pride London New York22 - 29 JunHarlem Pride Istanbul23 - 29 JunIstanbul Gay Pride Toronto26 - 29 Jun *Prism Festival Barcelona27 - 29 JunGay Pride Barcelona New York27 - 29 Jun *NYC Gay Pride Bologna28 JunBologna Pride Cleveland28 JunCleveland Pride Paris28 Jun *Gay Pride Paris San Francisco28 - 29 Jun *San Francisco Pride Seattle28 - 29 JunSeattle Pride Minneapolis28 - 29 JunTwin Cities Pride Provincetown28 Jun - 5 JulIndependence Weekend New York29 JunDance at the Pier


Madrid3 - 6 Jul *Gay Pride / Orgullo Madrid Los Angeles4 - 6 JulBlack Pride at the Beach Cologne4 - 6 JulCologne Gay Pride - CSD Eindhoven5 JulRoze Zaterdag London7 - 13 JulFetish Week London Provincetown12 - 20 JulBear Week Munich12 - 20 JulCSD Munich San Diego16 - 20 JulSan Diego Pride Frankfurt18 - 20 JulCSD Frankfurt New York18 - 20 JulSand Blast Weekend Stuttgart18 - 27 JulCSD Stuttgart Glasgow19 JulGlasgow Pride Marseille19 - 26 JulLa Demence gay cruise Amsterdam20 Jul *Milkshake Festival Copenhagen20 - 27 JulAtlantis Copenhagen to Stockholm gay cruise Tilburg21 JulRoze Maandag Zürich23 Jul - 1 AugRSVP Basel Amsterdam Pride River Cruise Belfast25 Jul - 2 AugBelfast gay pride festival Hamburg26 Jul - 3 AugHamburg Pride San Francisco27 JulUp Your Alley Stockholm28 Jul - 2 Aug *Stockholm Gay Pride Montreal28 Jul - 3 AugPride Divers / Cite


Amsterdam1 - 3 AugAmsterdam Gay Pride Brighton2 AugBrighton gay Pride Barcelona2 - 12 AugAtlantis all gay Med Cruise Vancouver3 AugVancouver gay pride Toronto3 - 10 AugLeather Pride Weekend Reykjavik5 - 10 Aug *Reykjavik Gay Pride Barcelona6 - 17 Aug *Circuit Festival Antwerp7 - 10 Aug *Antwerp Pride Chicago9 - 10 AugNorthalsted Market Days Cleveland9 - 16 Aug2014 Gay Games Prague11 - 17 AugPrague Gay Pride Gran Canaria12 - 17 AugDunas Festival Torremolinos13 - 18 AugMad Bear Beach Party Weekend Key West14 - 17 AugTropical Heat New York15 - 17 AugAscension Fire Island Cardiff16 Aug *Cardiff Mardi Gras Munich16 AugSchwules Strassenfest Provincetown16 - 22 AugCarnival Mykonos20 - 24 AugXLsior Manchester22 - 25 Aug *Manchester Gay Pride Calgary22 Aug - 1 SepCalgary gay pride Black Rock Desert25 Aug - 1 SepBurning man Copenhagen26 - 31 AugGay Pride Copenhagen New Orleans27 Aug - 1 SepSouthern Decadence Wörthersee28 - 31 AugPink Lake Festival Austin30 Aug - 1 Sep *Splash Days Queenstown30 Aug - 6 SepGay Ski Week Queenstown San Francisco31 AugOakland Gay Pride


Las Vegas2 - 8 SepGay Days Las Vegas Reykjavik4 - 7 SepBears On Ice Las Vegas5 - 6 SepLas Vegas Pride Sitges5 - 14 SepInternational Bears Week Florianopolis7 SepGay Pride Florianopolis Miami11 - 15 SepKiki Cruise Benidorm12 - 13 Sep *Benidorm Gay Pride Berlin13 - 14 SepFolsom Europe Austin20 SepAustin Gay Pride Dallas21 SepDallas Gay Pride San Francisco21 SepFolsom Street Fair Curacao24 - 28 SepCuracao Gay Pride Orlando25 - 28 SepBear Bash Orlando29 Sep - 5 OctOrlando Pride


Sources:  Gay Liberation Day Photo (Stonewall Inn/Sheeps Meadow, 1970) Pride Calendar - Night Tours Website 

What About You?

Know other events? Which Pride are you going to?

Homophobia in Russia by Mads Nissen

“Being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) is becoming more and more difficult in Russia as sexual minorities are facing legal and social discrimination, harassment and even violent ‘hate crime’ attacks from religious and neo-nazi groups.

In June 2013, Russia’s homophobia moved from the streets into the country’s legislation as the State Duma unanimously adopted an anti-gay law banning “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations”, effectively making it illegal to hold any gay pride events, speak in defence of gay rights, or say that gay relationships are equal to heterosexual relationships.”

Bisexuals with het partners at Pride events

full post here

as pride season rolls around let me remind fellow het-partnered bisexual people:

Pride really isn’t for you, so don’t act like you deserve to be there as much lesbians and gay men. Really, just don’t go at all, because there are no resources there that are for you. what are you proud of? being in the relationship literally everyone expects you to be in and that introduces no actual oppression into your life?

but at the very least, if you must go (and god knows hell nor high water will stop you) please, please, please






To be fair, posts like this really, really cheese me off. “I have it so much more worse than you for x,y reason, so just as a reminder, this isn't for you.” Why do we always have to keep score as to who has things worse, and why are we always so obsessed with compartmentalizing people into these neatly labeled boxes?

This is akin to saying that hets shouldn’t show up at all to pride parades, even to show their support of our community. Posts and mentalities like this make me hesitate to even consider myself part of the LGBTQIA+ community (because the B obviously stands for something other than bisexuality – maybe bananas??) if it’s going to become as exclusive as feminism seems to have become. I'm so sorry if falling in love with a partner of the opposite gender despite my inclinations to be attracted to both genders interferes with the sanctity of your precious movement.


The Invisible Orientation is winning and/or being nominated for a bunch of awards.

There’s going to be an asexual conference in Germany at the end of August.

The Ace Day Wikipedia page was deleted.  theasexualityblog encouraged people to send requests for reinstatement to Wikipedia, but nextstepcake thought that was a bad idea.  She then wrote a guide for people wanting to get ace events on Wikipedia.  More discussion here and here.  There’s now a Google Doc with a draft that people can work on together.

The SF UnConference and Pride Parade Contingent will be July 27-28 this year.

Siggy has released an ace Feedly packet so that you can follow non-tumblr ace sites as if they were on tumblr.

centrumlumina criticized Ace Day for making romantic orientation mandatory.  queerascat also critiqued Ace Day.

Laura wrote about being homoplatonic and experiencing emotional attraction.

LGBTQ* 2013 World Pride Events

 List from NightTours


Orlando 28 May - 3 Jun Disney Gay Days Vienna 29 May - 2 Jun Vienna Fetish Spring Washington D.C 29 May - 9 JunCapital pride Sao Paulo 30 May - 3 Jun *Gay Pride Sao Paulo Orlando 30 May - 3 Jun Wonder World Orlando 31 May - 2 Jun One Mighty Weekend Boston 31 May - 9 Jun Boston Pride


Aarhus 1 Jun Aarhus Pride Hawaii 1 Jun Honolulu gay pride Zürich 1 - 9 Jun CSD Zürich Tel Aviv 2 - 7 Jun Tel Aviv Gay Pride Athens 3 - 10 Jun La Demence Cruise Dallas 5 - 8 Jun Razzle Dazzle Key West 5 - 9 Jun Key West PrideFest Los Angeles 7 - 9 Jun Los Angeles Pride Athens 8 Jun Athens Pride Detroit   8 - 9 Jun Motor City Pride Philadelphia 9 Jun Philly Gay Pride Sitges 13 - 17 Jun Gay Pride Palermo 14 - 23 Jun Palermo Gay Pride Rhode Island 15 Jun Rhode Island Pride Thessaloníki 15 Jun Thessaloniki Gay Pride Vienna15 Jun *Vienna Gay Pride Denver15 - 16 JunGay Pride Fest Denver Portland15 - 16 JunPortland Pride Berlin15 - 16 JunStadtfest Berlin Shanghai15 - 22 JunShanghai Pride Barcelona16 - 23 JunBearcelona Mediterranean Cruise New Orleans20 - 24 JunGay Pride New Orleans Barcelona21 - 30 JunGay Pride Barcelona Dublin21 - 30 JunGay Pride Dublin Houston21 - 30 JunGay Pride Houston Toronto21 - 30 JunGay pride Toronto Oslo21 - 30 Jun *Skeive Dager (Oslo gay pride) Cologne22 JunFantasypride Lisbon22 JunGay Pride Lisbon Berlin22 JunGay Pride Week / CSD Berlin New York23 JunFolsom Street East Helsinki24 - 30 JunHelsinki Pride London25 - 30 Jun *Gay Pride London Mykonos26 - 30 JunMr Gay Greece & Cyprus Toronto27 - 30 JunPrism Festival Chicago28 - 30 Jun *Chicago Pride New York28 - 30 JunHarlem Pride New York28 - 30 Jun *NYC Gay Pride Belfast28 Jun - 6 JulBelfast gay pride festival Cleveland29 JunCleveland Pride Paris29 Jun *Gay Pride Paris London29 JunUK Black Pride San Francisco29 - 30 Jun *San Francisco Pride Seattle29 - 30 JunSeattle Pride Minneapolis29 - 30 JunTwin Cities Pride New York30 JunDance at the Pier


Provincetown1 - 6 JulIndependence Weekend Provincetown3 - 6 JulSummer Camp Los Angeles3 - 7 JulBlack Pride at the Beach Madrid3 - 7 JulGay Pride / Orgullo Madrid Cologne5 - 7 JulCologne Gay Pride - CSD Lisbon6 JulGay Pride Lisbon Munich6 - 14 JulCSD Munich London8 - 14 JulFetish Week London Marseille10 - 20 JulEuropride 2013 San Diego12 - 14 JulSan Diego Pride Provincetown13 - 21 JulBear Week Frankfurt19 - 21 JulCSD Frankfurt New York19 - 21 JulSand Blast Weekend Skiathos19 - 21 JulSkiathos Gay Culture Festival Stuttgart19 - 28 JulCSD Stuttgart Amsterdam21 JulMilkshake Festival Seattle21 - 28 JulRSVP gay Alaska cruise Tilburg22 Jul *Roze Maandag Budapest22 Jul - 2 AugRSVP Blue Danube Discovery Cruise Hamburg24 - 29 JulSpike Ledertreffen Hamburg Prague26 - 31 JulMr Gay Europe Hamburg27 Jul - 4 AugHamburg Pride San Francisco28 JulUp Your Alley Stockholm29 Jul - 4 Aug *Stockholm gay pride Prague29 Jul - 9 AugRSVP Legendary Blue Danube Cruise Montreal30 Jul - 4 AugDivers / Cite


Amsterdam1 - 4 Aug *Amsterdam Gay Pride Brighton3 - 4 AugBrighton gay Pride Antwerp3 - 11 AugWorld Outgames Vancouver4 AugVancouver gay pride Reykjavik6 - 11 Aug *Reykjavik Gay Pride Antwerp8 - 11 AugAntwerp Pride Rio de Janeiro8 - 11 AugRainbow Festival Barcelona8 - 18 Aug *Circuit Festival Chicago10 - 11 AugNorthalsted Market Days Montreal12 - 18 AugGay Pride Montreal Prague12 - 18 AugPrague Gay Pride Gran Canaria13 - 18 AugDunas Festival Torremolinos14 - 18 AugMad Bear Beach Party Weekend Key West15 - 18 AugTropical Heat New York16 - 18 AugAscension Fire Island Munich17 Aug *Schwules Strassenfest Provincetown18 - 24 AugCarnival Mykonos21 - 25 Aug *XLsior Manchester23 - 26 Aug *Manchester Gay Pride Copenhagen24 AugGay Pride Copenhagen Venice24 Aug - 3 SepAtlantis Mediterranean Cruise Black Rock Desert26 Aug - 2 SepBurning man Calgary26 Aug - 2 SepCalgary gay pride New Orleans28 Aug - 2 SepSouthern Decadence Wörthersee29 Aug - 1 SepPink Lake Festival Austin30 Aug - 2 SepSplash Days Helsinki31 Aug - 1 SepEurovision Baltic Cruise


Las Vegas3 - 9 SepGay Days Las Vegas Las Vegas3 - 9 SepGay Days Las Vegas Amsterdam4 - 15 SepAtlantis Amsterdam to Barcelona cruise Reykjavik5 - 8 SepBears On Ice Las Vegas6 - 7 SepLas Vegas Pride Austin7 SepAustin Gay Pride Cardiff7 SepCardiff Mardi Gras Benidorm8 - 15 SepBenidorm Gay Pride Mol13 - 16 SepSugarland Weekend Berlin14 - 15 SepFolsom Europe Dallas15 SepDallas Gay Pride Orlando26 - 29 SepBear Bash San Francisco29 SepFolsom Street Fair Munich29 Sep *Rosa Wiesn - Oktoberfest


Orlando1 - 6 OctOrlando Pride Berlin4 - 6 OctBLF | ECMC Rubber & Fetish Weekend Los Angeles4 - 6 OctGay Days Anaheim Atlanta12 - 13 OctAtlanta Pride Philadelphia13 Oct *Outfest Berlin18 OctHustlaball Berlin New York19 - 26 OctCruise4Bears NYC to Caribbean Cruise New Orleans24 - 27 OctHalloween Amsterdam25 - 27 OctGet Ruff! Leather Pride Weekend Taipei26 Oct *Taiwan LGBT Pride


Brussels1 - 3 NovLa Demence Anniversary Weekend Palm Springs2 - 3 NovGreater Palm Springs Pride Puerto Vallarta2 - 9 NovClub Atlantis Vallarta Berlin7 - 13 NovBLF | ECMC Skinheadweekend Los Angeles10 - 17 NovAtlantis LA Mexico gay cruise


Rio de Janeiro31 DecNew Years Eve Pride events missing above?   Add them below. This List is from  NightTours. ?

The U.S. Ambassador to Italy says Lady Gaga has accepted an invitation to participate in a gay pride parade in Rome’s Circus Maximus – the closing event of 2011 Euro Pride. David Thorne said in a statement Monday he is “very proud to have an Italian-American artist of her stature” come to the Italian capital. He quoted U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as saying human rights are gay rights.

The pop star was invited by Thorne and the local organizers of Euro Pride, which takes place each year in a different European city

Lady Gaga’s new album “Born This Way” sold a million copies in its first week.

Random confession:
When I started dating Andrew was around the time I first saw posts saying heterosexual people shouldn’t go to pride. And I felt kind of fearful tbh. Here I am, an panromantic ace- there they are a beautiful gender fluid person- but because they have a somewhat masculine appearance we could face isolation in our own event??
It was.. Not scary.. Hurtful? Disappointing? It was that feeling you get when you hang out with a group of people and they seem really nice but then you go to the bathroom and when you come bak they are talking trash about you- it felt kind of like that.

Hundreds of thousands of people dancing and wearing costumes packed the streets of South America’s biggest city to celebrate gay pride and call for an end to homophobia. Gays, lesbians and their supporters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, participated in the city’s 15th annual gay pride parade on skyscraper-lined Avenida Paulista. Many danced to the beat of loud music blasting from several sound trucks.

Organizers hoped the final count would total more than 3 million join in the parade, which they say is one of the biggest in the world.

Police reported a few arrests for drug possession but say no major incidents occurred.