ok so my roommate went home this weekend and she just got back and so she walks in with her parents again ?? and they’re like helping her put her laundry away and stuff so that was kind of awkward

and then when they were done they all started praying together which was definitely awkward

and like I have a little gay pride flag on my shelf and now i’m wondering if they’ve seen it/what they think about it

anonymous said:

Totoo po ba na pinunit ng mga taga NU yung flag?

Let me share my thoughts about this issue.

Yes, napunit ang flag. And there’s two assumptions that can be made.

1. It was accidentally ripped. Why? Kasi everyone wanted to take part in passing the flag around. There’s an upper and lower part. So, from there, we can rationalize that they all wanted to touch and pass the flag. Thus, napunit siya.

2. It was intentionally ripped. Why? The word intentionally explains it already.

BUT, WE ARE NOT NU STUDENTS. We don’t know kung ano talaga rason nila. If the pride flag as accidentally or intentionally ripped. Ang akin lang, LET US STOP MAKING AN ISSUE AND ASSUMING THINGS. Kaya nagkakaroon ng sigalot between universities instead magka-isa for the betterment of our country. Hintayin natin kung ano ang response ng NU about the “issue.”

Personally, tho, I think accidental lang siya. :)

If asexuality, bisexuality, polysexuality, and pansexuality aren’t going to be recognized as real sexual identities, then let’s just call them superpowers instead.

"I have a superpower." "Oh really?" "Yeah, I find more than one gender attractive" "IMPOSS IBLE!" "Or IS IT????" *Sailor moon transformation sequence ensues* 

or “My power is that I DON’T experience sexual attraction!” *Batman theme plays*


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