Elizabeth stares at Darcy’s portrait. Illustration by Anna and Elena Balbusso. Folio Society Editon: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

As Elizabeth stares, Austen tells us, “there was certainly … in [her] mind, a more gentle sensation towards the original, than she had ever felt in the height of their acquaintance.”  Further, “[A]s she stood before the canvas, on which he was represented, and fixed his eyes upon herself, she thought of his regard with a deeper sentiment of gratitude than it had ever raised before.”


How is casting going? You have your Darcy…

We’re doing casting in New York September 3, 4, and 5 and we have some possibilities, but the only person who has been with us since the beginning is Colin Donnell.

I love Colin Donnell and he’s Darcy. He brings something to the character that we’ve been looking for. One of the biggest critics said, “I’ve been dreaming of Darcy since I was 14 years old and Colin brought him to life.” Every adaptation of Pride and Prejudice failed for her in the Darcy role. Colin Firth came close, but even he wasn’t Darcy for her. I thought Colin hit it, but every time he’s ever performed, everybody’s said, “That guy has it.” I hit gold when I got Colin Donnell. We thought that would be the hardest role to cast, and Elizabeth and Jane Austen the easiest, and we found Darcy but not Elizabeth or Jane Austen. He’s brilliant to work with, he wants this role because he lived it. Except he’s not rich and living in Pemberley, but his soul is Darcy and I think it was a role created for him. There’s a reason why things happen.

A Conversation with Lori Bajorek, Producer of Broadway-bound Pride and Prejudice Musical


Cap ‘n Quote: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Miss Elizabeth. I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer. These past months have been a torment. I came to Rosings with the single object of seeing you… I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgment, my family’s expectations, the inferiority of your birth by rank and circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony.