This is the connector hallway connecting the fourth floor convalescent wards to the violent wards at Greystone Park State Hospital, a massive insane asylum complex in New Jersey.  Usually, in making choices about the interior design of an asylum, the effects upon the patient are carefully considered before any decision is made.  ”Institutional Green” is the paint color of choice for most asylum interiors because of its calmative effects.  So I question the judgement of whoever decided that blood red was a good choice for the corridor leading to the section of the asylum designated for the most restless and disturbed patients.

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I guess I just don’t understand how someone refuses to understand that all people deserve the same rights, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.  

Letting someone else enjoy basic human rights will not impede yours, so why deny someone the right to be treated like a human being? 

I think that Garrett, that was why I brought him up, wasn’t really loyal to Hydra. He didn’t do all of the saluting things and all of that stuff. They were just an organization that was kind of about not necessarily about self-promotion, but self-preservation. There is a beautiful line were he says, ‘The winds were shifting and I turned my sail.’ So it looks like he made his choice to be part of the favorite team.
He did have his own motives. It wasn’t like he got a Hydra tattoo across his chest like Hydra Life or something. Ward had a crazy childhood and they gave some hints of that in season 1. His brother drowning in the well. His parents were being absolute monsters to him. He was always getting picked on. Even in juvie he has bruises on him. He wasn’t the runt of the litter, but he was always getting picked on.
This guy comes along and opens a door. He says, ‘You want to walk through this door? No one will ever mess with you again.’ So that is what kind of happens. When there is an opportunity for empowerment in life he decided to take it.
He has always been the second man. He is always the loyal student. He will do anything for Garrett. Then Garrett dies. So we are like what does he do now that he doesn’t have someone giving him orders. He is great with orders. He will do what he has to do. Now when it is just him what does he do? What does he really stand for? That is what the project of Season 2 will be about. I think it is pretty cool. We are done with his past. Now we are all about Ward’s future.

Cunning: using intelligent means to achieve your goal.
Ambition: having the courage and daring to aim high and challenge yourself.
Resourcefulness: using what you have when you have it to accomplish what you must.
Pride: belief in who you are and what you do.
Slytherin: living up to your name, supporting your house mates, doing what others can not and will not.