There’s a chill in the air… Commercials for back-to-school sales are all you see when you’re watching TV… Sweaters and mittens and pumpkin spice flavor syrup at Starbucks are looming, so close, yet seemingly so far…

You might be sitting in your brand new dorm room wondering “How will I ever be able to find any other honey nut queerios on campus?” My friend…. look no further.

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S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Operations Academy’s best kept secret is its robust drama club. It’s even funded under the name “Espionage Club.” When it’s said that Grant Ward had the best marks in espionage next to Natasha Romanov, this actually refers to his well-regarded performance in “The Seagull” at the Ops Academy’s annual Chekov festival. Only Romanov garnered better reviews.


Many critics agree that this was the very moment the world fell in love with Roberts.

Marshall explained why he and Richard Gere wanted to prank the young actress. According to Marshall, the 23-year-old Roberts would sometimes show up to the set a bit sleepy after a night of partying. “I said, ‘Richard, you gotta wake her up a little, so when she reaches for the box, slam it.’ It was a soft box. I would never hurt her.”

According to Marshall, it wasn’t until the last moment of editing that they decided to use the scene. “We put it in… and it became like the trademark of the movie,” said Marshall. Pretty Woman launched Roberts’ stellar career and the 1990 romantic comedy went on to gross $463.4 million. source x


'Well, “Pride” tells the true story of an alliance between Welsh miners and a group called “LGSM” which is Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, a group of very young, gay people at the gay pride march which, as you can imagine, in 1984, was a different pride march than we have, and they sent money down to these… this small Welsh mining village to help them out, and they formed an alliance together that still lasts to this day, and it’s a true story… and we’re all unbelievably proud of it. It premiered at Cannes there and it went down an absolute storm.' 

Andrew talking about ‘Pride’ on ‘Lorraine’ (x)