"Lesbians and Gay Men Support the Miners" came to our aid when we really, really needed help - and I mean, it was the best sort of help because it was not only financial - we also gained something else: we gained an insight into a way of life; into other people’s sexuality; into other people’s problems… For years lesbians and gay men have been telling us, y’know, "look at us. We’re under attack. We’re being threatened by the police" and we just turned our ears, y’know, we just switched off. And we may have felt sorry for a few minutes and then we didn’t think about it again, because we weren’t partaking in these acts of violence against gay men and lesbians; it was alright, it was happening somewhere else. But all of a sudden you were telling us - and people had been telling us - and then we were there, and then we knew what it was like - we were next in line after lesbians and gays, black men, black women - there was another fair group that was anybody’s for grabs, and that was the miners. And I mean, it’s a horrifying position to be in. You cannot sympathise with an oppressed group till you’ve actually been a member of one.

Siân James, in the mid-late 80s. Then a young miner’s wife in the Dulais Valley, South Wales. (Now Labour MP for Swansea East) - talking about what it was like to experience financial and practical aid from a group of people (‘Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners”/LGSM) who previously they wouldn’t have even thought of, and who they had ignored cries for help from.

LGSM raised more money for the Miners than another support group in the UK during the strikes of ‘84/’85, when many mining villages were near starved and, during the winter, frozen. A group of (mostly) young people saw a situation that needed addressing, and addressed it - far more effectively than any other (secular or faith based) group. (Not to mention the Government, who had caused the situation in the first place.)

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Going though UNT’s extensive LGBT archive and found this gem from 1972, the first gay pride parade in Dallas. It is amazing to see how far our community has come. Join us for our pride meeting this Wednesday at 7pm. #gladtobeprideful #UNT #GLAD #PRIDE