JONATHAN: Back then when they knew even less about this thing they gave out numbers with each diagnosis. One, two, three, and so on. Of course, when they got into the high thousands… I’m number two. Nobody knows what’s keeping me alive. I think it’s the grass. Gethin says it’s a sense of purpose, as if getting up in the… [laughs] You know. A full diary. That’s why he dragged me into LGSM. That’s why it was so important. At least in the beginning.

SIÂN: Don’t you dare die.

  • jonathan not having had particularly great experiences with christmas, and gethin realizing that and taking care of him on Christmas and making dinner and just laying on the floor under the fairy lights, holding hands, whispering to each other softly
  • gethin always getting sad around christmas every year because he left his mother’s just before christmas and regrets it all the time because he just imagine her spending the holidays alone, so jonathan always does surprising little things to make him feel better, like hiding clever little gifts around the house that will make him smile
  • jonathan going out of his way to think of presents that will make gethin laugh because he loves the way his eyes wrinkle and his mouth stretches and he wants to capture that image as much as possible because there’s nothing more perfect in the world

Gethin waking up before Jonathan on Christmas morning and stroking his face to wake him up and kissing him and Jonathan groggily opening his eyes and saying “good morning, gorgeous”. then they’d go about their day. they’d be throwing a party in the evening so Gethin starts struggling with cooking the turkey and Jonathan is tidying things up and in the evening all young people who have nowhere to go come to their flat and they have a huge Christmas dinner and they’re really busy and as they’re handing food out Jonathan meets Gethin’s eye and smiles brightly leaning in for a kiss. later the party boils down to several couples dancing wildly in their living room while Jonathan and Gethin are in one corner of the room, Jonathan’s arms wrapped around Gethin’s waist from behind as they just look on and think how lucky they are

jethin ♡

  • Jonathan and Gethin noticing each other at a Gay Lib meeting and Gethin being kind of shy about glancing up at Jonathan while Jonathan practically stares at Gethin from across the room until Gethin turns red and looks at the floor
  • Gethin and Jonathan sort of circling around when the meeting breaks up but keeping their eyes on each other until they finally run into each other and start laughing and sort of staring at each other
  • Gethin and Jonathan ending up kissing in the street behind the building, where it’s dark and they’re sure no one will find them, with only the stars above them to watch
  • Jonathan suggesting they meet up on Friday and Gethin agreeing breathlessly until they start walking away, and then turning around to shout, “Friday? It’s Christmas Eve!’
  • Jonathan shouting back, ‘What of it?’

This is my boyfriend, Brenden. (The one at the top of the photo)

Him and I have been together for two months now. Honestly hes one of the most special people in life. Hes taught me to love myself in diffrent ways. When i took this photo i said “I look kinda cute” and he replied with “That’s one of the first times ive heard you say that about yourself in a serious tone” and in reality hes right. He deserves the best Christmas ever, for being him, and teaching me that im special in my own little ways.