You want me to forget it so you stop telling me you love me on the bad days. You stop calling me twice a day and you let me leave when I say I will. You forget to return my calls and you stop calling me baby. You don’t want to see me anymore and you love me in halves because somehow, it isn’t enough for you.
So I pretend to forget it. I stop leaving you voicemails after every call you don’t answer. I stop telling you that I love you, not only on the bad days, but on the good ones too. I start misplacing things, first the letters you wrote me, second that sweatshirt you forgot at my house and lastly, my love for you. I don’t love you anymore.
—  on forgetting // thewordsyouneverunderstood
Love is love

My dearest friend just came out of the closet to me, she’s terrified of what people will think. I want everything to be okay for her and I want her to be happy. Her step-dad is really homophobic so when’s my friend is ready to come out of the closet completely I want her to be able to show him the amount of notes this gets. I want her to know that everyone deserves the right to love.

Every note this gets counts for someone in support of the LGBT community.

  • <b></b> I came out! I CAME OUT!!!!!<p><b></b> HI MY NAME IS ELIZABETH DWORKIN AND TONIGHT MY DAD FOUND OUT I LIKE GIRLS!!!!! He thinks I'm a lesbian but I'm bisexual and ugh never mind the point is he knows I'm not straight and he didn't get mad or yell at me or anything!!!!!!!!<p><b></b> I'm going to regret this post.....aren't I......<p>
  • Next day update:
  • My dad said today that I was too young to really know my sexuality and that its normal for girls to have stronger emotions for girls before they develop strong emotions for boys. I'm 14. I've known since elementary school.