Lancome Grandiose Mascara: OMG

This post really doesn’t need much text. I applied a coat of mascara and my jaw dropped. I didn’t curl my lashes. 

Lancome’s latest heavyweight mascara launches 21 Aug 2014 in Singapore and boasts a special twisted “swan-neck” wand that is angled perfectly for you to create intense, open/curved, fan like lashes. 

I’ll say it definitely delivers on the “intense” part. I can’t speak as to its curling power for stubborn coarse lashes cos mine are quite fine and usually easy to curl, so I definitely got a fan-like effect as well.

1 coat is enough for very dramatic thickening, and I actually wouldn’t recommend 2 coats because it will start to clump.

The cons?

The pricetag is hefty. SG$60 for a tube.

It’s also not waterproof. (That’s not really a con for me, but it is for many people.) I actually had a bit of problems removing it with my Bioderma cleansing water, so it IS definitely water/smudge-resistant, even though it’s not stated that it’s water-/oil-/smudge-PROOF.

The most tricky thing is probably application. With most mascaras you spend time trying to build up volume and length. With this one however, I feel like you need to spend time combing it out and taking away product because so much goes on right from the start.

If you want natural looking lashes, this is not for you. If you like it as big as thick as black and as crazy as possible, grab this.


If you’re in Singapore, Sephora and Lancome are running a promotion on 21 Aug! The first 3 people to purchase a tube of Grandiose mascara at Sephora ION will receive a $500 Lancome gift bag filled with lots of full-size products.

If you’re not able to make it to the start of the line, don’t worry cos the next 150 customers to purchase Grandiose will receive a beauty kit worth more than $165.

So if you’re already intending to check the mascara out, it’s well worth the bit of extra effort cos you’re getting a HUGE return on that $60 investment just on that day.

You guys tried it? I think it’s getting very mixed reviews from people depending on the type of formula, brush, and effect we want. What do you think?