anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on the new candidate for governor A. Lugaro?

I wasn’t aware of her until you brought it to my attention. Looking at her website and listening to an interview I’m impressed with how she carries herself, and it takes balls to decide to run as the first independent candidate in PR. Political parties are like a religion in PR and we’re all indoctrinated since we’re little to continue the family tradition. I don’t remember who once joked that PRicans would vote for a monkey if it was under the correct logo. So in terms of fucking up the political party binary I think it’s completely necessary and laudable.

That said I’ll start off by saying that I have little faith in governments as we know it, however since I don’t think we’re anywhere near overthrowing the government I do like some of the things she is for: changing our educational system, she’s pro marriage equality, legalization of marihuana, and holding the banking sector accountable for the economic crisis. I am slightly worried that all she cares about is helping the middle class but the people living under the poverty line will continue to be screwed over. She seems to also be in favor of changing the prison model too which I also think is important.

So I don’t know, I don’t put any hopes in politicians but I am moderately impressed and at least she’s pissing off so many politicians and men which is amazing!

Laughing at the fact that the worst they’ve been able to find on her is that she allegedly didn’t vote in the last two elections (if this forces the government to admit our elections are corrupt as hell and hundreds of votes mysteriously disappear or don’t get counted I will throw a party), that she has a ridiculously overpriced contract with the Department of Education (a system the ruling political parties have supported because the money keeps being funneled back into the parties like we all know this? Who are they kidding? Are they going to call out their fellow lawyer politicians who have all been doing this?), and that she gasp wears a bathing suit when she goes to the beach. It’s pretty hilarious.

If anything I hope she gives the other candidates hell. Who else is running, do we know?