Quero você de janeiro a janeiro
Eu vou pegar no seu pé.
Quero você, meu homem
Pra ser sua mulher.
Quero suas pernas em minhas pernas
Quero sua boca em minha boca
Ser seu violão, você dedilhando
Me deixa louca
—  Janeiro a Janeiro
Puerto Rico awards its first tax incentives for game development []
Newsbrief: U.S. territory Puerto Rico has implemented a tax scheme which offers up to a 40 percent rebate on salaries and production costs on productions with budgets of $100,000 and up. The first such award has been made to San Juan-based Space Rhino Games, which is working on Breach TD.

"This administration believes in video games as the next frontier for economic growth in the entertainment industry," a representative from the Puerto Rico Film Commission told

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the credit, you can find the full terms and instructions for applying at the PRFC’s website.