13th Dimension has an exclusive preview of next week’s Bravest Warriors #24! We open with a page-long reference to Clone High and only get weirder from there. This issue wraps up a 4-issue arc and ties everything together before our fantasmi-tacular issue 25 bonanza.

What you can expect from this issue:

  1. Action!
  2. Adventure!
  3. Chris in a metal bikini!
  4. Danny covered in space leeches!
  5. Beth kicking butt!
  6. Cute ladies having some feelings at each other!
  7. Catbug with a taser!!!

Pick it up and show Ian McGinty and I that you love us, you really love us.

"It’s complicated because he knew David when he was a kid," Wechsler says of David’s return. "There’s a part of him that still thinks, ‘That’s the father of the girl I’ve wanted my whole life.’ He’s mind-blown. But also he knows what a huge deal this is for Emily that he’s still alive so it’s mostly watching her expression, wanting to see how this affects her, how she’s doing now that he’s back.” [source]