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“I don’t see why Erebor should be such a suspicious choice of destination. In fact it was only natural, since Gandalf is your friend and mine as well, and I’m hardly a stranger to you.”
Thorin fell silent at that. He saw the melekûn wet his lips, before speaking again.
“Am I?”
“What?” Thorin asked though he knew.
“A stranger - you’ve been treating me like one,” Master Baggins accused. “I believe that I might have displeased you by coming here.”

My Fair Hobbit | Chapter VII - A (Quite Not) Ordinary Dwarf

PREVIEW - Update on June 1st

[ FR ] Dessins en cours ~ Je fais dans l’hétéroclite en ce moment … salle de bain et cocktail (les trucs qui ont RIEN à voir mais en fait si) … Pour T.A.C.E

[ ENG ] Drawing in progress ~ Okay i do really different things at the same time … bathroom and cocktail …  For T.A.C.E