Dune and Doon by the same artist, Doug Beekman. 

If you haven’t read National Lampoon’s Doon, I highly recommend it for any Dune fan. It’s a book where the spice is beer, the worms are pretzels, the Kwisatz Haderach is the Kumquat Häagen-Dazs, CHOAM is NOAMCHOMSKI, and the litany against fear is the litany against fun.

I must not have fun. Fun is the time-killer.

German archaeologists uncover 250-year-old snack

Regensburg, Germany (dpa) - German archaeologists have uncovered a 250-year-old snack during excavations in the Bavarian city of Regensburg, an official said Wednesday.

“I can guarantee that this is the oldest pretzel ever found,” said Silvia Codreanu-Windauer of the Bavarian State Monument Conservation Office.

At an excavation site in the centre of the cathedral city, archaeologists dug up the charred remains of bread rolls, a pretzel and a croissant from the 18th century.

“The find is something special as it depicts a piece of everyday life,” Regensburg Mayor Joachim Wolbergs said. Read more.