blakegballard replied to your post: It’s been 24 hours since I woke up to the news that Cory had died and I spent the past 24 hours just feeling really numb. I’ve been lying in the dark and listening to Glee songs the whole time. But I’ve just started to rewatch videos of the Glee Live Tour 2011 on YT and it’s actually making me smile. Even now, the Glee cast - Cory - are/is the one thing that can lift my spirits. RIP Cory and thank you, always.

I really don’t understand how people get that upset over a celebrity death. I’m not disrespecting the anons thoughts or beliefs. I just don’t remember hearing about anyone feeling ”numb” when Whitney Houston was snorting coke like it was oxygen.

Well, I didn’t know Whitney so I’m not going to say anything about her, but I guess Cory’s death hit us pretty hard because he was a part of our daily life and everyone was used to see glee/cory photosets and i think that the fact that he was part of a tv show that every tumblr user watched at least once and was trying really hard to get everything right and start a family with lea michele made everyone feel really really sad, he had so much life ahead of him and he was such a nice person. Cory was an inspiration to many of us and losing him so soon was kind of a shock.

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101% done

no, really; i wasn’t mad because i thought they wouldn’t make toby a bad person but how they’re going to fix spoby if they’re just making toby bad like what the hell can you please stop with his dark past and etc? be smart, jfc, spoby is the most popular couple in PLL, everybody loves spoby! and it’s not the same with haleb and ezria! i can’t find someone who hates spoby in this fandom, and they just simply want to destroy him and make toby look like a badass because he was bullied by alison H E L L O everyone in rosewood was bullied by alison, even hanna, even aria, and he just doesn’t have a fucking reason to go all bitchy and want to kill the girls for something that they didn’t do; he is trying to make him look bad while ezra is eating cakes and jfc EZRA’S CHARACTER IS THE MOST BORING THING IN THE WORLD EVERYBODY WANTS HIM TO BECOME EVIL EVEN IAN HARDING, AND WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT WHO IS GOING TO DIE, WHO IS -A ETC AT LEAST HALF OF THE CAST SAYS IT’S EZRA. Sigh, I’m just done. I just hope they can fix spencer and toby.

 lucymous replied to your post: why i chose hanna and lucas why shipping…

they just played with our hearts and let haleb destroy them to million little pieces..

can we just- really, they were like: this is hanna, this is lucas, lucas loves hanna, hanna is falling in love with him, they have everything to be a couple, and they are about to KI- HEY MY NAME IS CALEB OH OMG I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS BAD BOY WHO IS LUCAS WHO IS THIS ASSHOLE 

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Nate’s not going to be the betrayer, I mean he’s not even a suspect right? I think he’s Maya’s murderer though. If he is the betrayer I will cry.

Sigh. Marlene thinks she is doing the right thing but I bet she is not. On the season finale they said “WOOOOWWW YOU’LL BE SOOOOO SHOCKED AND WOW IT’S AMAZING AND PROBABLY MY FAVORITE EPISODE” and HA HA HA. And now she said that we’ll DEF be surprised but I don’t trust her, I can see nate killing maya and being like WOWOW I’M THE BAD GUY AND EVERYTHING I BET YOU DIDN’T THINK ABOUT IT RIGHT????