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mischa! i have pretty bad skin- acne scars and sporadic pimpes here and there. what is a good foundation/ concealer for it?

I’d recommend a lightweight foundation to even out ur skin tone and a highly pigmented concealer for spot concealing and coverage!

For foundation I personally lov chanel vitalumiere aqua as iv said a 1000x by now. I also suggest u to try out a foundation that has skincare benefits that could heal your skin overtime and let ur skin breathe instead of slapping on a thick layer of high coverage foundation over your entire face becos I’m sure you have an amazing skin @ non affected areas it’d be a shame to cover up everything

Highly pigmented concealers I’ve tried:-

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
Shiseido Spotscover Foundation (I got this in Japan n it’s only available in Japan & Korea as far as I’m concerned but u could try look it up online it’s so cheap too)
MAC prolong wear concealer

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