Wheel goes on vacation and blogs about it

Today was a nice day- the sort where we spent the whole day on the beach and didn’t have to drive anywhere.

We did the math and determined that we walked nearly 20 miles up and down the beach today, and saw all sorts of wildlife.  We saw birds, and jellyfish, and amateur photographers, and fish:

(that is none of those things- it’s a barnacle-covered coconut)

As we were walking this evening, we could hear the thunder coming in from the north.  We could see the clouds moving in, the oncoming storm.

It was, honestly, beautiful.  Then we sat watching the storm roll in over us, lightning crashing around us, dramatic and lovely.

The family came in tonight as well, but I’m trying hard not to stress about it.

I am not just a pretty picture (blog)

I really have no reason to justify myself. No one has brought it up, I’ve not lost any followers, but for some reason I feel like it should be said.

When I reblog pictures on this blog, it’s not because they’re pretty.

It’s because they directly aestheticly correlate with my UPG, my practice, my experience in the astral, or something directed at the people I hold dear who are also in this community. 

I am a very visual person, I always have been. I hoard appropriate pieces of art. When I have my own home, the entirety of it will be an alter, a holy space filled with subtle hints of the divine. 

I assure you, every image is relevant.

I’ll even explain pictures if you like.


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