So my tumblr was accidentally deleted a couple months ago and I’m just now starting back in creating another!
So if you post anything to do with any of the following please reblog this post and I will definitely check you out and most likely will follow you!

+Samurai Champloo
+In the flesh!! Especially this!
+Anything kawaii
+Cute animals
+Marvel comics. Anything to do with gambit or quicksilver
+Anything pastel
+Self-positivity and self-love
+Pretty people
+Pretty landscapes
+Pretty plants!!
+Anything to do with hiking!! (Seriously I love to hike out west)
+Yummy deserts and food! Even better if it’s foreign food!
+Anything happy! You know, the stuff that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Also if you could be so kind as to follow me it would be very, very appreciated!!