after a VERY LONG TIME i finally got around to updating my storenvy ! all of the things that were sold out have been restocked and ive ALSO added a bunch of new items, including a limited run of the hoard of christmas cheer greeting cards by Popular Demand

im going to be closing the store in mid december to prepare for my own holiday things, so if you might be interested in something its best to get it early 

nothing too terribly exciting, but if youre interested, feel free to check it out !

jongho// just a quick cutesy sketch of 
what I think happened bts before jongkey's
sm town week christmas performance heheheh (▰˘◡˘▰)

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I got tagged by the lovely rahn-burgundeh to do that transformation thingy sooo here I am!  Please forgive the older pics if they have weird spots, hahaha, all except the senior prom pic are over twenty years old so I had to take pics of physical copies! :P I was a pretty cute kid, huh???

I’m gonna tag lastfirsthoran, dirtbaghs, sorrynotharry, michaelsvoodoo-doll, carolina203, shutuppluke, aubreyanna2988, smut-reading-mum and anyone else who wants to do it!  Say I tagged you so I can come look at your adorable pictures!!!

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering when autistic people talk of stims (sp?) is this like chewing things? I had a key ring that I liked to chew when I was younger and often got/get the urge to chew things but always thought it was odd + part of my love of animals etc when I was little. I have never been tested for autism but could this be something to mention should I want to look into the possibility? Thank you :)

Chewing things can definitely be a stim! In fact, stimtastic (a company run for autistic people by autistic people) has a whole range of chewable jewellery for that exact purpose.

Other stims can be rocking, leg bouncing, flapping, rubbing or touching things repeatedly, spinning, or repeating words and phrases. Basically any repetitive and/or semi-subconscious series of movements that act as sensory stimulation and help you de-stress and focus, calm you down or that just plain feel good and comfortable and right for you can be a stim. They might be behaviours that you’ve tried to suppress around other people, but if you’re going in for a diagnosis it’s likely to be among the criteria that the people evaluating you will look out for or ask you about. 

Hope this helps! :)