pretty boys

the lyrics to ‘Pretty Boy' are so on point with issues, gender roles and assumptions concerning the ‘flower boy’ image of some idols (of course, particularly Taemin in this song) in Korea as well as the idea of what makes up a man according to society. 

Just because a man is ‘pretty’ doesn’t mean that he can’t be manly. 

Just because a man is emotionally sensitive doesn’t mean that he isn’t manly. 

Just because a man looks pretty doesn’t mean that he’s always full sparkles and glitter and marshmallows or whatever the fuck some people used to think Taemin was made up of, and this song just perfectly conveys how he really feels after years of cooing and coddling from fans, seniors, and (probably) peers. He’s a grown man now and wants to be seen as one

Thank you Jonghyun for penning the incredible lyrics. If the fandom hasn’t already, I’m sure that through this album a lot of us are seeing Taemin as a 상남자  (real man, quote Jonghyun), even if he is the eternal baby of the fandom <3 

Lyrics to the song here

Taemin: I learned a lot from Onew-hyung in trainee days.  My memories with Onew-hyung are mostly our practicing together at the rooftop in trainee days.
I didn’t take any vocal class at that time. I only took aural classes because my voice was changing.
So Onew-hyung gave me first direct vocal lessons, I think.
I learned vocal exercises from Onew-hyung… I remember him as a very nice hyung.

Onew: There were so many trainees. The exercise room was always so crowded. (Taemin: the underground one…)
Yes. So it’s stuffy there. And I was new to the place and felt a bit awkward… so I practiced at the rooftop everyday. I liked singing while seeing the sky and floating clouds… thinking, Can I send my voice up to there? Then, when I was practicing there like this, I was found … by Taemin.  We often practiced together.

The host: Then you didn’t know you’d become members of Shinee when you were practicing?

Taemin: No we didn’t.

**I love this story.  I think every Shawol loves this story.  It’s just so perfect that they ended up in the same group as maknae & leader.  And I think it really helped Taemin in the beginning because that boy is, & especially then, terribly shy: he still rests his hand on Onew’s thigh when he’s nervous.  And Onew lets him.  Just perfect.**