Sound System
Sept. 18, 2014
Photos by chaptervixiv.
Bottom row instaxs & 2nd photo taken by alexislim.
2nd to last photo taken by Lulu.

Moe Bar, Capitol Hill, Seattle


My day started off pretty gloomy, but it picked up towards the end of the day.

I went out to Sound System with Tuyen, Lulu, Alexis, & James. Other folks I knew came out too so it was great to see everyone dancing and enjoying their time. 

I had a Skittles shot for the first time and by the end of the night we headed to Dick’s then saw a view of the Space Needle.

It was so pretttttyyyy, ahhhh.
Too bad I didn’t have a camera to capture it clearly.

Looking back on my night it didn’t seem that long, but it hella felt that way, full of laughs and good company. I definitely needed a night out with wonderful souls.

So the reason why you see two photos of Lulu & I next to my car is because we parked on top of the curb and was really proud.

And James, Alexis, and I with our strong squat game.

dora-duh-explorer said: Pretttttyyyy!!! , but im kinda scared of clowns they kinda all creepy and look like they about to murder u and play jump rope with ur lung…


          There was a headcanon that in an AU instead of committing suicide he gets executed and his death was gonna be hanging tho they’d paint his face like that to look like a clown. So I kinda put it to the test on SAI and I like it! Thank you tho and yes, clowns know to be creepy. I’m never reading “IT” again since that’s where my first clown phobia came.

Goodbye 16710. Packed and ready to go. Never thought this day would come. At least not so quickly. But someone made me “an offer I couldn’t refuse….” Another one is already on its way into the collection. And it’s pretttttyyyy old. You’re gonna love it! Thanks for now, Pepsi - it’s been emotional. ❤️💙
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