My 11-year old may be ready for Godot
  • (Driving and quietly enjoying the scenery on the way to soccer practice. Daughter feels the need to start voicing a story that must be mid-reel in her head. This is as best as I can recall her rambles from ten minutes ago.)
  • Daughter:So, she was like 'no way, she said what?!' And I was all, 'she did NOT!' and then M said N said that C was laughing and falling out of his chair all dramatic and he said 'she said that M said that too!'
  • Me:Oh, really? (I have no idea what the appropriate response is here since I can barely follow the thread.)
  • Daughter:The teacher laughed and then M whispered to me that N likes C and that she said he said that she said that to someone at recess but I don't think she said that (much laughing on her part and a slightly dizzy grimace on mine).
  • Me:Anything else happen today?
  • Daughter:S hissed at the class again and I aced my test and D got his hair cut and M2 was sassy and I beat my time running the mile but came in second to a boy by .2 seconds! Ugh!
  • Me:(smiling. just smiling now for real.)

Happy pan visibility day to you all! xo

I have never really felt different… My feelings didn’t confuse me as a kid, I was just like ‘man all the kids in this park are super cute! I would give my lollipop ring to all these cuties’. It was when I hit those wonderful preteen years that I realised that other people might think I’m different. I was so confused as to why there were these ‘names’ for people who liked a certain types of people, gay and straight meant nothing to me, I honestly thought everyone could like anyone and that we were all cool with that (round of applause for my mother and her outstanding parenting for not letting society screw me just yet!). I never really thought about my sexuality and was content crushing on all the hotties until I got to secondary school It became apparent that being anything other than straight was not considered the norm… so for a brief while I suppressed my feelings and got a little *dry heaves* homophobic. Yes in a pathetic attempt to hide my pubescent lady boner for the girls I pretended to think that lesbians were ‘just so gross’. This didn’t last long, and strangely this was thanks to Oprah! I still remember it as if it happened yesterday, I had come home from school and sat down to watch my girl Oprah tell it how it is and then I heard it, this was the first time I had heard the word bisexual before. I listened to the man tell his story about being bisexual and knowing from a young age that he liked boys and girls and it resonated with me ‘This is me! This is how I feel!’ That night I declared myself to my two best friends. I Sarah, the super mega hetero, was Bisexual!

During the rest of my teen years I was pretty much out to everyone (mostly because of that one bitch who outed me ¬¬). My mom of course was totally cool and so were all my friends, if they weren’t then they never said it to my face. I had boyfriends and girlfriends but something still felt off. Bisexual didn’t feel right, something about the term didn’t feel like me. When I found out about pansexuality I was like a light had finally been cast upon me, I finally got it. I identified with the ‘no boundaries’ aspect that came with pansexuality, my whole life I have been a lover (and on occasion a fighter), I find it so easy and comforting to love and I know that the love I give has very few limits.

So at 22 I am very comfortable in my sexuality and I guess I always have been, just had a few minor hiccups as all. I wouldn’t say I have a preference over gender but I do find myself being more attracted to androgyny and femininity, that of course being regardless of gender or sexuality. What I really love though is intelligence, humour, confidence and open-mindedness. If you got all that, then you got me! 

Because it's still Tuesday & I still have truths

- I finished the application to grad school, secured 3 excellent references, and all that’s left to do is write the essay. Damn. It’s been 7+ years since I have written an essay. Why would I make a good library science candidate? These things are hard for me to write as I never want to sound too boastful. Aye, aye, aye…this may be a challenge.

- the daughter is a preteen now. She’s spending more time with her friends & activities. She’s less dependent on me & I’m finding much more time to myself. It’s bittersweet.

- but I’m also finding that I’m rather lonely. I’m not a social butterfly and online dating is just not for me. I’m too selective about the men I choose to spend my time with, I guess. But is it too much to ask for someone who’s educated, can spell, and likes to read? Does that make me sound like a snob?

- how can I have people IRL as excellent as my Tumblr friends? Where do I go to find them?

- I still have 53 minutes left until it’s Wednesday but I think I should choose to go to bed.

Good night you beautiful souls. ❤️

  • what they say:I'm fine.
  • what they mean:Volcarona and Genesect make a good start, but they're still the only two out of all the bug type Pokemon introduced since the first generation that can use the move Fly, and it makes no sense. Zubat can learn Fly, while Butterfree can't, despite Zubat being 12 inches smaller than Butterfree and a fraction of Butterfree's weight at under 17 pounds. How can a 17-pound bat carry a human preteen or teen child? Vullaby can learn the move despite being confirmed flightless due to its tiny wings; Hoothoot can learn it as well despite having an even smaller wingspan than Vullaby. Yanmega, meanwhile, cannot learn Fly even though it looks like a fucking Apache helicopter, and has been confirmed in several Pokedex entries to be capable of carrying an adult human. This is utterly ridiculous and needs to be fixed

imortanjoe asked:

Hunt with me: I’ll write a drabble about your character and mine on a hunt together.

(so I decided this was gonna be set when Hela was around ten or eleven because I need bby!Hela)

She must have been dreaming, because there had never been a moment in her life when the Immortan had taken any interest in her. He allowed her and her mother to stay up top, but he showed no favoritism towards either. Yet now he had shown up and ordered her to accompany him on a hunt. What they were hunting and why, he refused to tell her. She would have to go with him to find out, whether she wanted to go or not.  

Hela ran to keep up with her sire as they journeyed through the caverns, the preteen unused to being outside the vault. She caught sight of Rictus as they neared the Gigahorse, sidling close to the Immortan for fear that her brother might accidentally crush her under his boot. But the fear dissipated as quickly as it had come, for she was lifted into the machine and it seemed moments later they were on the burning plains of the wasteland. 

It was her first time in a vehicle, and she hardly cared that it was hot and the wind whipped sand in her eyes if she leaned too far out of the window. This was the closest the girl would ever get to flying, and she loved every second of it. 

Then they came upon the prey they were hunting, a battered car decorated in the spikes that she recognized as the Buzzards. Joe was leading the hunt with two other vehicles, an envoy each from the Bullet Farm and Gas Town. Engines roared furiously as the trio maneuvered to trap the car between them, the sound deafening to her ears, which were protected only by her hands covering them. The Immortan gave a disappointed huff at the sight, but the Buzzard surprised them all as it began to ram into the Gigahorse, trying to spike the tires to send it careening into a sand bank. He took the wheel in both hands, dropping his weapon back into his lap to regain control of his vehicle as it began to quake from the force.

But then there was a quick movement from the corner of his eye, and the pistol was no longer in his lap. Instead, there was a gunshot, crisp and clear, followed by the shattering of the Buzzard vehicle’s windshield. Scarlet painted the cracked glass, the car suddenly losing control and crashing as its driver was ejected from the window, the body rolling in the sand before falling limp. The hunting party stopped immediately to survey the wreckage, but Joe turned to see his daughter, the child he wished had died in place of the sons he’d lost. 

In her small hands, still smoking from the shot, was his pistol.

Ok so there’s a shit ton of amazing people who I see on my dash or in my notifications a lot and I wanted to take a sec to appreciate everyone so here we go.

*SIDE NOTE: I don’t mean to offend anyone!!! I love each and every one of you and I’m sorry if I missed anyone!!! <3

*ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: Extra extra special people have ❀’s


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millin21 asked:

If you were allowed to make a TMNT video game, what would you put in it :3

mmm im not sure, i wouldnt wanna make a video game though, maybe a series….a series of turtle tots saving the day!

lol or how about turtle kids, like preteens! Just imagine! Now that i would make!

anonymous asked:

Since Beel is a demon then wont he outlive Oga by many years?

Who knows.

Seriously, look at the other demons! Behemoth sounds like he aged the same rate as Saotome did.  When Hilda revealed hers and Baby Beel’s ages, they sounded normal.  At the end of the manga, Lamia has visibly aged from being a preteen/child to being a young adult.  Hilda’s hair grew long enough she split her braid in two, so its implied she’s grown as well.

Baby Beel is some sort of weird exception to this.  But apparently even his growth has accelerated thanks to Oga’s parenthood.  So who knows?? Only Tamura I guess.


Then and Now. (click them for better quality)

I support teen/preteen girls like no other

Teenage girls always seem to be reduced to such simplistic, stereotypical beings whose thoughts, interests, habits, and emotions are mocked to no end. The misogyny towards adolescent girls is disgusting. We treat teen girls as a punchline, trivialize their mental health, laugh at their pain, and minimize their behaviours to illegitimate “angst” or, worse still, to “pms.”

I stand behind teen and preteen girls. The pain of female adolescence is so real, though it is hard to explain to others. How sad is it that even we, women who have once been 11-16 year old girls ourselves, have been conditioned to dismiss and mock the very same hardships that we, too, went through?

There is nothing funny or trivial about another person’s despair. Especially that of a child. Validate and raise girls up, rather than dismissing and belittling them. Teen girls are not a joke.