Reminder that in Prisoner of Azkaban, after the dementor got on the train, Harry was the only one who fainted.

Which is fair, considering he was remembering the murder of his parents for the first time ever, but also remember that at this point all he heard was screaming and got the brunt of repressed emotions.

Ginny Weasley, however, did not faint. She was a child of 12 and, only a few months prior, had been possessed by Lord Voldemort and left to die in the Chamber of Secrets. 

Ginny Weasley faced the dementor, presumably was forced to relive this still terribly fresh trauma, and she held up.

Ginny Weasley is strong as hell and always has been.

Ginny Weasley appreciation life

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How is assigning birth "coercive"?

assigning people to a restrictive category at birth, that has lasting effects on their social interactions, based on their presumed role in reproduction, is abusive and coercive. gender is not natural. patriarchy is not natural. taking a literal infant and making an assignment that is supposed to dictate their desires, appearance, and role under a rigid hierarchical system is coercive, no matter if you appear to fit the categories of sex or if surgery was administered to correct you to the norm (which is violent, by the way).

story time: my grandma is this little old seventy-something Southern lady, and she’s been getting a lot of telemarketers recently. so the other day she picks up the phone, realizes it’s a telemarketer, and just goes “MERYL JEAN, IS THAT YOU? DID YOU SAY YOU WANTED SOME O’ THEM RABBITS? DANNY’S OUT IN THE BACK GETTIN’ THEM READY, DID YOU WANT ‘EM WITH THE FUR STILL ON?” in the thickest accent she could. just babbling on about these rabbits and stew. the telemarketer hung up and presumably went on break for several hours

so today she gets another call and picks up the phone. “MERYL JEAN IS THAT YOU?” and before she can say anything else the guy on the other end goes “NO I DON’T WANT ANY RABBITS” and hangs up

my grandma has won 

At last. Kingsman flashbacks.


NO ONE ELSE VISITS: that mess of a generic Harry/Merlin flashback thing you all waited for, finally finished @ AO3, so hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon.

Words: almost 7K (I know)

Ok, what’s the rating of this?: a gentle PG13? Harry Hart swears quite a lot when life gets to him. That’s pretty much it. Things happen off-screen (also a lot, I presume.)

What’s going on: Basically a series of flashbacks of Harry and Merlin  throughout the 1990′s (from the moment of Merlin being recruited around 1991 and up to Lee Unwin’s death in 1997)

What is really going on: a headcanon masterpost that got dramatically out of hand, so I’m exorcising this thing out of my head. At some point there’s even decent writing. That Daily Mail headline is real, and I did look up top albums of 1993, so there’s probably even some factual accuracy there. I’m amazing. *rolls eyes*

Why should I read this?: because I for some reason spent more time contemplating this than I expected, and time is a resource

No, but seriously, why should I read this?: because Harry/Merlin matters a lot ( Camelot, spam-a-lot, whatnot. a lot.), and also because I reached the decadent level where I even have teaser gifs for this shit and they’re cute af:

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I work late at night and on my way home, pass him whilst he is out for his morning jog. He's so focused and into it. Most times I hear him muttering to himself. I presume he's learning his lines? After a few times of seeing me, he stopped to say hello. I think he was taken back that I didn't know who he was. My sister had to tell me and I looked him up. Very nice fellow.

This something out of a fanfic tbh

But yes he’s said he’s only able to learn his lines when he’s on the move and does it a lot on his run, or pretends to be on the phone in the park or something. 

That’s so cool anon! You lucky duck. Tell him Madison says hello 

hands on me || spike & andrea

Andrea was sat in the library, which would have been a feat in itself as it were if she had literature in front of her face. She didn’t have any open though - instead she had her notebook open, her earbuds in her ears and sheet music out. The page was mostly blank, however, and she was chewing at her pen anxiously as she wrote lyrics and then scratched them out, then rewrote them then scratched them out again. Andrea was struggling with writers’ block still, and it didn’t help that she didn’t feel like her material was good enough and it didn’t help that The Barefoot Advisory was getting dropped. She felt like shit, quite simply, but she’s felt worse. At least it wasn’t the worst she’s ever felt. 

She set her pen down and ran her hands through her hair, looking up for the first time in about an hour and a half. She noticed Spike leaning against the front desk, presumably flirting with the girl working behind it though she couldn’t actually tell. Andrea internally rolled her eyes, collecting her notebooks and pushing them to her bandmate who had been sitting there half-asleep not being of any help. “Take these and write the bass for them?” she asked. Her bandmate nodded and grabbed at the notebooks, looking down at them as Andrea stood to her feet. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, insistent on looking down on it as an excuse as she made her way passed the front desk and towards the front door of the library. Could she make it? Maybe if he saw her and saw her earbuds in he wouldn’t do anything about it. She didn’t look back, crossing her arms over her chest to fight off the chill as she made her way to the bus stop.

Lines that are funny until they’re not.

Or, when we say things we don’t realize are bad.

I’ve seen a lot about how we unintentionally—or intentionally—code people, situations, and actions as being queer as a way of degrading queerness, and so here I’m going to talk about some specific ways that people do that and what they did wrong.

“One might have thought he was confessing to some terrible, humiliating affliction, like having the uncontrollable urge to dress in women’s clothing and dance[.]” –Lord of the Fading Lands, C. L. Wilson

This example is probably pretty obvious. It quite literally places the idea of a man dressing in women’s clothing (or what this author considers “women’s clothing”, which presumably in this book is dresses) with a “terrible, humiliating affliction”. On a literal level, this shows a clear disdain for people who defy the gender norm (or, really, men who defy the gender norm, because presumably the author wears things like pants). On a broader level, it others being a trans woman, because most people (even though you’re wrong) equate being trans with cross-dressing.

Beyond that, it makes a man being like a woman, or equating a man with a woman, somehow shameful or humiliating. A man “dressing as a woman” is somehow less than a man “dressing as a man”, which leads to the pretty obvious conclusion that a woman is less than a man.

“Don’t be alarmed. It has to do with sex.”

“Sex doesn’t alarm me.”

“How would you know?” –Sherlock, series 2, episode 1

This shows a fairly clear othering of asexuality and sex-revulsion. On one hand, it shows a dismissal of people who are alarmed by sex, given by Sherlock’s need to quickly refute the possibility of the idea that he could be alarmed by sex. Beyond that, Mycroft response, and especially his tone, implies disgust for anyone who hasn’t had sex. These lines code asexuality and sex-repulsion as being absurd, childish, and somehow wrong. Being sex-repulsed is used as an insult.

More broadly, small lines like these can act in the same way as broad queer-coding of characters. They dismiss, demean, or vilify queerness, often more explicitly than actual queer-coding. The thing with this is that it tends to go against less open or known groups, using what have been common jokes for years. It’s hard now to get away with open homophobia in a situation like this, or at least open homophobia against gay men. This is where she-man jokes show up, the forty-year-old virgin jokes, the cross-dressing man jokes, things that have traditionally been okay to say or even considered funny that people don’t think twice about putting in.

This is something that you need to be careful about when you’re writing. They’re easy to include, because a lot of times, they’ve been internalized. Nobody thinks twice about making these jokes because they’ve heard them so many times that they’re part of the daily vernacular. If we want to remove these phrases and ideas from society, we need to make sure we don’t include them in our stories.

Tomorrow I’m going to have a job where I am (presumably) allowed to have nail polish in a shade other than Chanel Ballerina (or OPI Bubble Bath) and lips that aren’t permanently pink (no shades of red. no light red. only pink).

And maybe - maybe - I will wear a colour other than black.

Pitch Perfect 3 Plot - Please & Thank You

How awesome would PP3 be if it was all the Bellas going to Cynthia Rose’s wedding. And the whole movie would be them together, with clips of them during the days leading up to the wedding, but the majority of the film would be frequent flashbacks to the 3 years of Barden in between the first 2 movies. 

So we get to see them during their college years: 

1) When Chloe surprises them by coming back right after auditions at the end of the first film cuz she “failed” Russian Lit (apparently Kay Cannon forgot that at the end of the film Chloe wasn’t there so it was presumed that she graduated).

2) Them getting their Bella house for the first time (I’m assuming it’s new cuz Beca was still living in the dorms even tho she was a Bella in the film).

3) Them picking their rooms/roommates while no one knew where Lily was sleeping until they ventured into the basement one night in search of something and they see things that would be out of Little Shop of Horrors. They run out of there and camera pans over to a dark corner where Lily is shown to be sleeping upside like a bat. The girls never figure out where Lily sleeps, she just always seem to appear. —- that could explain Beca’s random comment about the basement being haunted.

4) Show more bonding moments with the Bellas - since they didn’t really show any any real moments in the PP2 that showed the tight group the Bellas should be. 

5) More Bechloe moments, becuz even tho it was mentioned how close they should be in the 2nd film, (all the: “why didn’t you tell chloe”’s) it wasn’t actually shown that they’re best friends.

6) Maybe explain why Denise isn’t there in the second film, she was there at the end of the first? Seriously, was she so quiet that even Kay Cannon forgot about her? They only had Flo as a new member, which I’m assuming is for Aubrey’s spot. So…what happened to Denise?

7) More awesome mashups and dance numbers. Maybe they can redeem the lack of Chloe solos in the 2nd. So please, more Chloe solos for PP3. Maybe even have Brittany Snow do a wrap number??? 

8) Them winning numbers/shows scattered through the flashbacks so we can have Gail and John back, and obviously cuz…acapella movie. 

9) The flashbacks can end with clips of what they all the after graduation and/or years after graduation - Bumper and Amy in the middle of moving in together and you see the 2 build-a-bears on their bed. Emily instructing the new Bellas on the christening of house. Beca moving in an apt (in LA?) and Chloe being her roommate (Or she can be shown moving in across the hall - I’ll take either or). Or if Beca stays at Residual Heat, then they show her behind the controls for some artist in the booth. Chloe teaching little kids how to dance. Chloe and Beca either being roommates or living across from each other in their new apt, as they both decided to stay. Lily building a time machine. Flo getting her greencard. Stacy…modeling? Jessica and Ashley being in total boss professions like lawyers or doctors - something opposite of how their quiet natures.

And the movie can be them doing a lil reunion performance at the end of CR’s wedding.


Corner Pitt St and Karangahape Rd

The menswear store has been there since I used to change buses nearby on my way to and from school. So the old Morris Minor waiting at the lights seemed to be period perfect. This is also one of those too-slow-darn-missed-it jobs. The decorator was packing up his kit and posed nicely in an upstairs window while I scrambled for the camera. By the time I had it there was nothing to be seen upstairs except the ladder he presumably left for tomorrow.

OC batch 1

syndeux said: Your art is gorgeous, I’d love to see your OCs!

cakesmashing said: YES TELL US ABOUT THEM also I’m very much looking forward to this future graphic novel, it’s gonna be so good I can see it already *p*

alackanseka said: yaaaaaaasssss, it’s been so long ;u;

A-ight this is gonna be a long post fyi, even with me breaking it up, so strap in for some doodls, some tears (from me), and a whole lotta text:

SO the main cast of my graphic novelly thing kinda need my setting to understand them a little better. It’s set in a high-fantasy setting where the ocean part of our normal world is instead sky, while land masses (from continent to island size) are suspended via presumably magnetic-gravitational forces. Logically being so high the atmosphere, all manner of animals and people have larger lungs and other biological necessities to be able to survive in a world of limited atmosphere. In the world there are such things as magic, mythical creatures, sorcerers, necromancers, demons etc. Mythical beings have become quite rare in the recent years of this world, affinity for sorcery is a random occurrence, shown at an early age or not at all, and necromancy is a learned but forbidden art. There are two main (read most abundant) species of people in this world:

The Geshalt - For all intents and purposes the normal humans in this world. They seek to defend themselves from the highly advantaged Harpress and claim the right to live peacefully. Their government is thus secretly developing methods to level the playing field by collecting highly powerful souls of mythical beasts and developing soul-integration technology to gain some sort of advantage. The Geshalt govern themselves through a semi-diplomatic system where representatives from each large island rule themselves alongside a magistrate and then convene at a central island that houses a collective council. There is higher ratio of sorcerers within the Geshalt populace and are largely the reason why the Geshalt have yet to be overrun.

The Harpress - fierce, prideful and physically superior bird-like beings with feathered wings and other bird-like qualities that vary. The Harpress generally believe themselves above their Geshalt counterparts and seek largely to either enslave or eradicate them to govern the skies unchallenged. They have a electorial monarchy and follow their high queen. They have a strict system where pairs of citizens need apply to procreate to ensure that the most elegible people are essentially bred for professions in their society. If they are not approved as a breeding pair, although they can still be together, it is illegal for them to have children.


  • Roken Hidara: An experimental soldier gone AWOL from a 12-year internment in his government’s facility for creating and training soul-grafted military personnel. He was involved in a self-inflicted (albeit unintentional) accident concerning this technology. The magical integration of two souls into one body creates a powerful bio-weapon where the host gains a significant boost in physical (and sometimes magical) capabilities as well as some remedial abilities specific to the type of soul integrated. These specialized soldiers were developed as a counter method to the large-scale war the Geshalt are preparing for. Roken was integrated with a dragon soul who wants to live again. It gives Roken remedial abilities to ensure both his and its own survival and to gradually convert Roken’s body into one suitable for its new life. After finally making a successful escape attempt from many failures, he sets off to avoid recapture and reclaim a normal existence. Roken is not a particularly vengeful individual despite what he’s endured at the hands of his country and simply wants to be left to his own devices surrounded by friends and family.
  • Ariana “Ari” Seigal: Daughter of influential politician parents from the central island. She is sent to a graduate boarding school to be groomed as next in line to her parent’s careers, but wants to sets off on her own unbeknownst to create a sphere of influence and power separate from her family’s influence. Ari wants to build this sphere primarily to find out what happened to her younger brother and reap what other benefits she can from a self-built personal empire. She becomes a brigand to start extorting money from thief groups, to earn herself enough to ease her way into power. She values people only for what they can do for her and feels everyone has a price. Ari does not trust people easily but trusts in her ability to use them. She meets Roken early in the story and decides to have him travel with her as her personal bodyguard under the guise of being friends and uses his naviete to her advantage. Very assertive and defensive, but does so in a way to make the other person believe they are the one in the wrong. She is a skilled knife-fighter and knows how to manipulate people to do her bidding under a guise of well meaning.
  • Jessara Koiyo: A Harpress and an apprentice mechanic who gets bullied often by his peers. Quite the coward, Jessara will take any route that to avoid confrontation and often caves to peer pressure. Although weak-willed and easily unnerved, Jessara is good-natured and cares deeply for those close to him, preferring to be diplomatic to avoid conflict and keep the peace. Jessara is physically quite strong like most Harpress, but actively avoids recruitment for the war, instead opting to use his mechanical talents towards the war effort (although he shields himself from the effects of his and his mother’s contributions). He does not believe the Geshalt are as bad as his species dictates, despite his fear of them, and is ignorant to the atrocities both sides commit against each other. He will often keep his true opinions to himself in fear of causing conflict or disagreement with others. He gets hooked into following a gang of his fellows who raid human merchant ships often and meets Roken on one such ship. He has a large family and many younger siblings.

c: so, florence, my husband tells me you are a fashion major.
f: urm, yes, i am. dean carrigan is my professor for my art history minor.
c: fashion is a ridiculous career for a young lady.
o: mom-
c: do not interrupt me, onyx. what kind of money can you make as a stylist, florence? i presume you are one of these ‘modern women’ who want to work and earn their own money.
f: well, yes i am. i’m pretty independent-
c: women shouldn’t work, they should stay at home and look after their men.
f: *stunned* i’m sorry, mrs carrigan, but i’m really not that sort of girl. *giggling, trying to make a joke* plus, onyx would actually have to pass a class for me to not go to work …
o: *glaring at the space in front of him in anger* thanks, flo.
f: did she not know?
c: *interrupting, angry* you’ve been failing? you’ve never failed anything in your life …
o: unfortunately mother, you may be slightly misunderstood on that one.



Everybody knows that NASA’s 1975 Millennium Project was a disastrous failure; a twelve-person crew gone missing just past the moon, presumed dead.  Everybody also knows that with the arrival of the April 1987 solar eclipse came an immense meteor that came crashing down in the Cape Canaveral Bight, bringing with it an immense and bizarre entity known as Dodek, first seen stumbling onto the shores of the Banana River dazed and confused.  Since then, Dodek has been shown to be one of few kaiju with an intelligence similar to that of a human, and even fewer who are clearly sympathetic to humanity, fending off hostile kaiju with their sheer strength and particle beams emitted from their abdominal power core.

Esther Jones, known by her stage name, “Baby Esther,” was an African-Americansinger and entertainer of the late 1920s. Her “baby” singing style often included the phrase, “Boop-oop-a-doop”. She performed regularly at the Cotton Club in Harlem. Theatrical Manager Lou Walton testified during the Fleischer v. Kane trial, that Helen Kane saw Baby Esther’s cabaret act in 1928 with him and appropriated Jones baby voice style of singing and changed the interpolated words ‘Boo-Boo-Boo’ & ‘Doo-Doo-Doo’ to ‘Boop-boop-a-doop’ for a recording of “I Wanna Be Loved By You”. Kane has never publicly admitted that she copied. Jones’ style, as imitated by Kane, went on to become the inspiration for the voice of the cartoon character Betty Boop.
When Kane attempted to sue Fleischer Studios for using her persona, the studios defended themselves by arguing that Kane herself had taken it from “Baby Esther” Jones. In court it was presumed that Jones had since died. An early test sound film of Baby Esther’s performance was used as evidence.
#BlackHistoryMonth2015 #BlackHistory #BettyBoop

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What is your position on highly oppressed people sending death threats to their oppressors? Are death threats EVER justified? Is it shortsighted for non-oppressed people like me to condemn the acts of highly oppressed people who send (presumably) empty death threats to racists and homophobes? I am arguing with my friend about this sort of thing.

my position on death threats is Against.

like… what is the purpose? If it’s just to express your feelings, you can just as well rant on your tumblr or to a close friend as send them to a stranger; if it’s to achieve a goal, either it’s not going to work (people do not like you more if you send them death threats) or it’s going to work in a really horrifying manner (make people afraid for their lives so they do what you want). 

like I’m not going to be all Thou Shalt Not Make Stupid Jokes About Straight People Being Uncool but death threats cross the line

Keanu Reeves Gets Terrorised In New Knock Knock Trailer
Eli Roth’s home invasion horror gets a promo

Knock Knock finds Reeves as a seemingly happily married man living with his wife (Ignacia Allamand) when two beautiful young women (Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas) show up. They seduce him and end up wrecking his perfect life. With knives and guns and whatever else comes to hand. Ouch.

It’s another chance to see Reeves doing genre work, with John Wick’s success - and planned sequel - showing there’s plenty of appetite for that. On this evidence, though, he’s on the receiving end of the majority of the punishment, until the tables, presumably, get turned.

Roth has billed this one as a “psychosexual thriller” in the spirit of early Roman Polanski (Knife In The Water, Repulsion) and Paul Verhoeven. An Australian release date has not yet been confirmed.

Phil De Semlyen 

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what do you think about Stannis and Melisandre as a pairing? Do you think Melisandre has got hidden motives or is she really the servant of the lord of light? (I didn't read the books so I wouldn't know) Thanks!

melisandre will never be my favorite because she’s a character who is defined by her religious beliefs and is undeniably aggressive about them, but that’s also what makes her sympathetic. she’s genuine about her religion. so no, she’s not intentionally leading stannis on while harboring hidden motives. this is revealed in the books, as from her own POV we find out that she really believes stannis is her god’s champion. on the show we only have her word to go by, and I suppose we haven’t been given much reason to trust her.

some people like them together, presumably on the notion that they’ve developed a deeper relationship while working to help stannis gain the throne. I don’t read it that way – mel has a demonstrated fondness for stannis, but ultimately I see her as committed to her god and using stannis as an instrument to achieve victory over the white walkers etc., as stannis is using her for her powers. would she still stick by stannis if he weren’t her god’s champion? anyway, it’s heavily implied in the books that despite her devotion, she’s made a mistake reading the signs somewhere and picked out the wrong guy in stannis WHOOPS shoulda gone with the scientific method