Photos from my Trip to the Cincinnati Museum Center’s Natural History Museum exhibits and Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibits

1.  Austroraptor cabazai

2.  Giganotosaurus carolinii

3.  Suchomimus tenerensis

4.  Masaikasaurus knopfleri

5. Carnotaurus sastrei & Amargasaurus cazaui

6.  Cryolophosaurus ellioti

7.  Buitreraptor gonzalezorum

8.  Prestosuchus chiniquensis & Eoraptor lunensis

9.  Dunkleosteus terrelli

10. Xiphactinus audax


Two very different animals: Deinonychus, a quick, agile, feathered dromaeosaur from the Cretaceous, and Prestosuchus chiniquensis, which isn’t a dinosaur at all.

Prestosuchus interested me mostly because of its upright posture, which I didn’t actually end up including in this sketch because I got too interested in the vertebrae… oops. I love the way both of these skeletons are mounted at this museum, but the Deinonychus in particular has a beautiful pose.

Drawn at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.


Prestosuchus | of the Triassic Sector

Diet: Carnivore - fish and shellfish to small reptiles and amphibians. Will also hunt anything larger.
Amount in the Sector: 5.
Found in: The Swamp.
Description: A crocodile-like predator. Prestosuchus walks on four stubby legs with longer hind legs, though cannot always walk sufficiently with them. While it eats small creatures, it is territorial and will attack anything it views as a possible predator in the swamps.

  • The Prestosuchus hunts alone, wallowing the swamps to hide under the dirty water as its dark black-brown body match the setting well.

Ran into my old pal Prestosuchus here at the American Museum of Natural History. #romkidsgoeswhere: New York

Presto and I go way back to #ultimatedinos. He’s one of the most fierce beasts of the early mesozoic era, and even though he’s not a dinosaur, I love him SO much.

I love how he’s quadrupedal. You see this so often today in predators, but it was incredibly rare during the mesozoic era. Prestosuchus gives off the air of an absolutely vicious beast with his massive jaw, but is also kinda cute with his stubby lil’ legs.


  • Like many non dinosaurs, the Prestosuchus wikipedia page is a bit lacking but it’s still a good start to learn more.
  • There were many amazing animals that lived during the time of dinosaurs that weren’t dinosaurs. Prestosuchus is just one of them. Learn more about these incredible NOT dinosaurs HERE!
  • I’ve lined up all my photos of Prestosuchus HERE!
  • You can learn more about that weird circle where the eye is HERE. Spoiler, it’s called an sclerotic ring.


  • Both specimens above are casts. There was rather wonderful find of a near complete Prestosuchus found in Brazil a few years back. More HERE!
  • The top Prestosuchus is from the American Museum of Natural History. I love the texture of the fossi. Really adds to the fierceness.
  • The bottom dude *was* our Prestosuchus from the #ultimatedinos Exhibit. This *was* ours as #ultimatedinos has started its world tour, and now resides in Cincinnati! Make sure to check it out if in the area. Learn more about #ultimatedinos at the Cincinnati Museum Center HERE!
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