It’d be easy to call Outlander “Game of Thrones for ladies,” but such a description would be reductive and insulting to the people who make and watch the show. Outlander is for anyone, and gender-specific television isn’t a thing—or, rather, is only made to be a thing because of socially constructed assumptions about gender. But I do think it’s fair to say Outlander is “for women” in the sense that it gives women something most prestige dramas don’t: the right to look. The show—through its writing and direction—privileges the (heterosexual) female gaze in a way television doesn’t often allow for. And this week’s episode makes that explicitly apparent with what are some of the sexiest scenes of television this summer.

When black women share their pains about being ridiculed, objectified, limited and stereotyped, you should believe them. Even now in 2014, we are often left to defend ourselves and even women in the highest positions of power and prestige must compete with unnecessary criticism that other non-black women or men won’t face. Consider the constant criticism for Michelle Obama for everything — from the size of her body to her healthy eating initiatives for children. Was anyone ever this upset about Laura Bush? And how often do we criticize Beyonce for her feminist credentials when many young women (and celebs) are afraid to even utter the word?

I write about four times over the weekend for HelloGiggles. Just wanted to share this recent piece about the inaccuracies and problems of that infamous NYT piece on the lovely Shonda (my personal favorite lady). 

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well….im dumb and slacked off this weekend to try and have a pick me up party with friends and now im suffering for it. so much work OTL This year is gonna be a pain so just a warning. I’ll probably be pretty dang inactive maybe just throwing a reply or two once a day or every other day. And I may not be on skype as often. 

But feel free to keep messagin’ and stuff. I owe a headshot for my bro prestigewarrior so I’ll be doin’ that whenever I find time to breathe. Fear not friends i’ll be that shark fin that pops up next to you from time to time in a ship wreck. Haha! so yeah. 

khymeira said:

I know our vocal frequencies don't really intercept, but you are such a welcome presence on my dash. You've been about the cyborg agenda from the beginning. A true paragon. Hi.

o shit, thank you for the recognition. 

one time i joked rather crassly that I was so glad I’ve had my domain for over ten years cause i’m clearly #trending now on the cyborg thing. It was sort of a mean response to encountering academic “cyborg theory” enthusiasts who have never watched a good cyberpunk anime in their life, I guess… But you know, now that my work has officially been assigned reading in an ivy league college class about cyborgs, I should probably accept the daps with more graciousness. 

you look strong lately! martial arts? as always, it is appreciated that you uphold old school cyberspace RP/forum dialects of prestige and steely eyed chivalry. 

Every mathematical induction consists of three parts or acts.

The first part is called “The Base”. The mathemagician shows you something ordinary: a claim, a theorem or a lemma. He asks you to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, true for k = 1.

The second act is called “The Hypothesis”. The mathemagician takes the ordinary claim and assumes it to hold for k = n.

Now you’re looking for the trick … but you won’t find it, because of course you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to know. You want to be fooled. But you wouldn’t clap yet. Because assuming something for k = n isn’t enough. You have to prove it for k = n + 1.
That’s why every induction proof has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call “The Inductive Step”.

—  Sanchit Agrawal

I completely don’t understand Erwin Smith hate, on any level, like

he was a orphan??? who joined the military to prove his murdered father’s theories (for which he was killed for) correct??? to serve and protect humanity??? he didn’t join for prestige, or titles, or fame, he literally just wants to save everyone from tyranny and titans??? also that jawline tho???

where did you go wrong in life?????????