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good weapons for a seer of space on losaf? (land of sun and frogs)

You are the Seer of Space

Here are all the Seers from across various playtests, along with the weapons they used. These are my suggestions.

  • Ally Counter, the Seer of Void, used Implements. Implements are a special type of item in GTRPG, they take up a Strife card, but are not weapons themselves. Instead they allow you to focus and control your magic and enhance your abilities. Think of them as a little bit like wands from the Harry Potter series - though Implements can be anything (wands, gems, rings, holy symbols, crystals, totems, etc.). Ally’s ultimate weapon was the Dark Sigil, a mark drawn by her Denizen that gave her command over shadows and safe passage through darkness.
  • Mort Counter, the Seer of Life, used Fistkind. Namely pressure point strikes that were designed to incapacitate and disable, rather than to harm or kill. Mort’s ultimate ‘weapon’ was the Mountain-Toppling-Palm, a technique that could turn aside any force, no matter how deadly.
  • Kalah Sijit, also the Seer of Life, used Bowkind. This was, on her planet (which is not Earth), required for religious reasons - she was believed to be the reincarnation of an ancient hero who used the weapon. Sijit’s ultimate weapon was Unity in Branches, a bow meant only for the Gods.
  • Lily Morgan, the Seer of Doom, used Bladekind. Specifically, she used only weapons that had already killed someone when she acquired them. Lily is also completely off the deep end in every way and is a worshiper of the Ruler Awaiting In Darkness, so there’s that. Lily’s ultimate weapon was the Blade That Cut Down Gods, a gift from the Ruler to the the Most Beautiful Priestess.
  • Cesila Sonara, the Seer of Space, also uses Implements. Unlike most trolls, she was never properly trained in how to use weapons.  Her ultimate weapon was the Spirit’s Regalia, a mark, scepter, and orb meant for the Spirit of Space, items through which all knowledge and enlightenment flow.

Oh, and also, your planet is the Land of Sun and Frogs. Before your Session began, something happened to your planet that made it stop turning. This is a problem because half your planet is being cooked and half your planet is being frozen. You need to find some way to make it turn again so that Skaia’s rays can recharge your Forge.

Gem Oral
  • Amethyst:Skilled. Jerking and sucking. Uses her tits too. Likes to have fun and giggles during. On rare occasion, turns into an Alligator and says "Jazz Hands!"
  • Pearl:Nervous. Does not fully understand orgasms or human sexuality, let alone the concept of oral sex. Basically just ends up kissing your dick hesitantly.
  • Garnet:This will not happen.
  • Lapis:About as good as Amethyst, minus the fun. Acts extremely passive during. Does not swallow.
  • Peridot:Does not use her mouth. Instead, she examines your dick extensively and uses her fingers to push on your pressure points and makes you have a mind blowing orgasm in record time. Takes your sperm for "sampling".
  • Jasper:Aggressive. Uses her teeth and her tongue. Deep throats your entire dick. If you don't cum when she orders you too, you can kiss your dick goodbye.

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Hi ! I hope you're fine =D Do you have some good Hayffie angst to recommend ? Or I don't know if you already done that kind of prompt : Effie comes back to the penthouse (74 or 75 games) injured (bruise on her face or a split lip) and Haymitch reacts hmmm... like Haymitch will. ? Thank you very much for your works, that's amazing !

Hayffie angst is my jam!

Okay from mine with injured effie and consequent angst you have : Asking, Wandering, One For The Team, Come Back To Me, MuteNot Much At All (which I think is what you’re really searching for), All The Same, Pressure Point, and Behind The Mask. And if you’re into chaptered stories : Running From Snow

Now, very good angst in general : Effies-scrapbook 

Angsty story by allonsysilvertongue (although maybe you should as her if she has written specific prompts with injured Effie) : Two Halves of a Whole.

Angsty story by flutteringphalanges : Beyond the Surf

My favorite story ever + general angst : Rose-Tinted Glasses by tamerofdarkstars 

That’s all I can think of right now but hopefullly, it will help =)


this video is so beautiful and makes me cry every single time i watch it

watch it

N O W 


Sharing this again because it’s my favourite Sherlock video ever and because it’s got the best edit.