So I had a weird dream this morning about making posts. In one there was a new type of post, which I made a crappy Paint version of (seen here). You could either select a person or click and drag their avatar into the post. It was like dragging articles into your pressfolios featured page. It’d be great for Follow Friday. Psychic dream for the win! Just kidding. That’d be pretty rad. Unlike my MS Paint skills.

An online collection of your work


I’ve been trying to make use of a lot of the online tools available to journalists lately. I happened upon a new tool today via a retweet.

The website is called Pressfolios, and it’s still in the Beta testing stage. They ask you to sign up for an invite (a la Google Plus), but I received an email with my invite within 30 minutes.

I’ve spent less than an hour playing around on the site, but I already love it. It is what the name leads you to believe: a portfolio for your online articles. The website is simple to use and simply laid out. You input links to up to 40 articles and the website grabs the image from the sources’ page for you.

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Introducing: Pocket/Instapaper-Style Story Backups

Keeping track of your published work has never been more important for a journalist. Here at Pressfolios, we’re working to develop the most intelligent and intuitive dashboard for managing your clips - all from one central location where you have complete control.

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce the arrival of our latest development to the dashboard:

Pocket/Instapaper-style PDF backups have now been activated for all Pressfolios users.

From here on out, every story added to Pressfolios now comes with two copies backed up on our servers, safely stored and always close at hand. All stories previously added to your Pressfolios account will be converted to full-text clippings as well (as long as the link is still online).  

Here’s a look at how Pressfolios backs up your stories:


Additional formatting and design for our new full-text backups are on the way. In the meantime, go ahead and take a look at your new full-text clips by logging into your Pressfolios dashboard »

(Next stop: Introducing full automation to the way you import stories to Pressfolios.)

New Additions: Upload Your Resume & Link to Your Blog

You asked, you got it: Two of the most commonly requested features received since the Pressfolios relaunch have officially been delivered. Thanks to popular demand (and a few snippets of code) you can now upload and display your resume/CV on Pressfolios, as well as a link to your blog.


From your Pressfolios dashboard:

  • Click the Customize tab
  • Scroll down to Social Links
  • Click the Upload a Resume Button
  • Voila!
How can I use Pressfolios if my stories are behind a paywall?


This is an important question and it’s one we spend a lot of time thinking about here at Pressfolios. Paywalls are evolving every day and the greatest challenge is that while they may appear the same from a reader’s perspective, they are not from a technical standpoint. No two paywalls are created equal. This means there is no silver bullet, no perfect one-size-fits-all solution.

We’ve seen some journalists navigate past paywalls by manually creating PDF versions of their clips using the Print Page button found alongside many news articles, then uploading those PDFs to their Pressfolio.

If you are considering this type of solution for adding stories to your Pressfolio from behind a paywall, we cannot stress enough that you should check with your publisher to make sure it’s okay before doing so.

Pressfolios on The Buttry Diary and 10,000 Words


5 Things Your Online Journalism Portfolio Should Include

What does belong on your online portfolio? Joe Grimm of Ask The Recruiter posed this question to Marc Samson, co-founder of Pressfolios, recently in an online chat. From their discussion and my own experience, here are five things your online portfolio should include…

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Use digital tools to showcase your career and your work

Journalists have lots of tools for showcasing our work.

If you’re a college student or recent graduate looking for work or a veteran journalist out of work or looking for a better job, you need an online showcase where prospective bosses can find your best work quickly and study your work at length if they’re interested.

You can read the full post at The Buttry Diary

The Online News Association Features Pressfolios


Test Drive: Pressfolios: Data in, pretty out

Pressfolios is a startlingly simple concept: It’s an online portfolio for press clips. The interface is clear, easy and quick. Intuitively designed, it does wonders for time-strapped journalists — you essentially click what you want to change, be it a picture, a tag or key details. The standout feature is the easy updating for new stories and columns. Instead of having to code them, you simply enter the link and it appears as an elegant and inviting little box.

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Now Available: Pressfolios Lite - 250 Stories, Lightweight Price


Since the debut of Pressfolios Pro, many of you have emailed asking for more pricing options - specifically, a plan without all the bells and whistles, just a bit more storage space.

When the crowd speaks, it’s a good idea to listen. So, without further ado: Meet Pressfolios Lite - our new lightweight plan at a lightweight price.

Priced at $7.49/mo, upgrading to the Pressfolios Lite plan unlocks the following features:

  • Add up to 250 stories
  • Upload PDFs of offline clips
  • Full-text backups for every story
  • Access to the Pressfolios web clipper

Ready for a professional Pressfolio, but don’t need all the premium features? Then Pressfolios Lite is the plan for you »

With the launch of our newest plan, you now have three options for building your Pressfolio:

Free: $0.00/mo
With the Free plan you can try out the Pressfolios platform and build a basic portfolio highlighting your best stories.

Lite: $7.49/mo
Our newest plan, Lite gives you enough room to build out a full portfolio and personal repository, highlighting and archiving stories in all of the different areas you’ve written about.

Pro: $11.99/mo
Pressfolios Pro is designed for today’s professional journalist, giving you a full suite of tools for taking control of your published work and professional identity. Pro users have access to unlimited storage space; full-text and full-page backups for every story; RSS automations for uploading past articles in bulk and auto-importing new ones as they publish; the ability to connect your Pressfolio to a custom domain name (; and additional privacy settings.

For a side-by-side comparison of how Lite stacks up to our Free and Pro plans, click here: View Pressfolios Lite »


Marc and Dan
Cofounders, Pressfolios


FAQ: I already have portfolios on other sites (and they’re free). Why should I use Pressfolios?

Pressfolios is the easiest way for journalists and writers to backup their published stories and build a better online portfolio. Designed for today’s digital journalist, Pressfolios functions as a personal repository, a cloud backup service and a website builder all wrapped into one.

While there are many tools out there for building websites and online portfolios, Pressfolios is winning over the journalism community because our platform is designed to meet the specific needs of those plying the journalistic trade.

Story Backup


Every time you add a story to Pressfolios, we automatically create a full backup for you and keep it safely stored on our servers in case any of your links ever expire.

Do any other website builders like WordPress or Wix, provide backups for every story? Nope. How about other journalism-specific services like MuckRack or Contently? Negative.

Intelligent Archive


Pressfolios doesn’t just help you build a nice website to showcase your professional identity and published work, it gives you an intelligent personal repository for collecting all of your articles into one central location so you can keep track of those stories over time.

Need to find the name of a source from a story you wrote two years ago? If it’s in your Pressfolio, no problem: Just login and search any terms you can remember from the story and we’ll pull it up for you in no time flat.

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FAQ: How can I improve my Pressfolio’s SEO?

So you’ve created a Pressfolio to take control of your published work and professional identity, and now you want to make sure everything is optimized to keep your best foot forward when Googled. Great! Let’s talk about best practices.

First off, let’s clear something up: Despite what some may say, there is no deep dark secret to SEO - at least not anymore. The search algorithms employed by Google, Bing and Yahoo! are so sophisticated that trying to game them with cheap tricks simply doesn’t work - not even a little. 

That’s not to say you can’t help search engines do their job (indexing your Pressfolio amongst the internet of things) it’s just that you can’t cheat your way to the top of search results. 

With that said, here’s what you can do to optimize your Pressfolio for search engines:

1. Use your full name for the URL

Sounds simple, but it’s often overlooked. Assuming you want people searching your name to find your Pressfolio, setting your Pressfolios URL to those same keywords - ie. - is the most basic action you can take to ensure search engines index your site properly. 

2. Fill out your entire profile

It goes without saying that search engines are intelligent nowadays. Part of what makes them so effective at delivering relevant results to search queries is their ability to understand context.

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Pressfolios Chrome Extension - Add Stories to Your Pressfolio On The Fly

In older versions of Pressfolios, adding stories to your site meant navigating to, logging into your account, then copying and pasting links individually. 

With our new Chrome Extension, you can now add stories directly to your Pressfolio right from inside your browser. 

Here’s how the newly released Pressfolios Chrome Extension works and how to set it up:


Step 1: Browsing in Google Chrome, log into your Pressfolios account, click the “Account” tab on your dashboard and scroll down. 


If you don’t already have Google Chrome installed, here’s a link: We highly recommend it for browsing the web.


Step 2: Install the Pressfolios Chrome Extension


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Setting up a custom domain name with Pressfolios

When you first created a Pressfolio, your site address included “” - ie.

Now that you’ve upgraded to Pressfolios Pro, you can direct your Pressfolio to appear at a custom domain name - ie.

We call this domain mapping. Here’s how to make it work for Pressfolios:


1. You need a domain name

First things first: Before you can map a custom domain to Pressfolios, you must own or purchase a custom domain from somewhere else. Common domain name providers include GoDaddy, Network Solutions, HostGator, Bluehost, Namecheap, and others.


2. Add it to your Account Dashboard

Once you have a domain name, you will need to enter it into Pressfolios so we know where to display your Pressfolio from here on out. To do this:

  • Log into your Pressfolios Dashboard
  • Click the “Account” tab
  • Scroll down to the section “Choose A Custom URL For Your Pressfolio.”
  • Enter your custom domain name in the space provided.


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New RSS Integrations: Bulk Story Upload and Automatic Importing

Pressfolios provides an easy way to keep track of your published stories and backup your work, all from one central location that you have full control over. With today’s release of Pressfolios Pro, we’re ratcheting up automation with new RSS integrations for bulk story uploading and auto-importing.

Here’s how the new features work:

RSS Feed Follower

Set Pressfolios to follow your RSS feed/s and automatically import stories right as they publish:

Step 1: Log into your account dashboard and click the “Follow RSS Feeds” button


Step 2: Enter your RSS feed link/s and click “Add Feed”


Volia! From here on out, every time an article is published to one of your RSS feeds, we’ll immediately add it to your Pressfolio for you. If you write for more than one publication and have multiple RSS feeds, no problem - you’re a Pro user - add as many RSS feeds as you like!

For those without a dedicated, author-specific RSS feed, you can usually draw from a broader feed that covers your beat, section, blog, etc, instead - then monitor the feed to add your stories as they publish. To monitor feeds manually without automatically adding every story, you’ll want to use the RSS Bulk Uploader tool.

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Pressfolios Story Archiving Tips

Now that you’ve upgraded to Pressfolios Pro, you have free reign to add as many stories to your Pressfolio as humanly possible. Here are some tips for keeping track of your work as your personal repository expands: 

Use the RSS Bulk Uploader and Auto-Importing features
As a Pressfolios Pro user, you have unlimited storage space. Why not set your account to automatically import your stories right as they publish? Here’s how » 

Make use of Section labels
Adding Section labels to stories makes them easier to manage. This becomes increasingly useful as you accumulate more and more stories in your Pressfolio. Here’s our guide to using Section Labels »

Add story-published dates if none are provided
When you add a story to your Pressfolio, we automatically grab as much information about the link provided as your publisher allows. Publish dates can be difficult to capture at times, as many publishers format this metadata in different ways. That said, as stories are added to your Pressfolio, add the date if it hasn’t already been generated.

Sort your Stories Table by clicking the column headers
Here’s a quick trick: On your Stories Dashboard, you can click the table headers to rearrange the order in which your articles are displayed. While not a permanent rearrangement of the stories table, it can help with locating articles on the fly. 

Use the search bar
The search bar located on your Stories Dashboard allows you to query all of your stories and all of the content within them. Need to find the name of source from story you wrote two years ago? No problem. We’ve built the Pressfolios so that you can filter, sort and search through your entire body of work without breaking a sweat. 

Have you found any other tricks for keeping track of your work with Pressfolios that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know at and we’ll add them to the list!