[PRESS PICS] 150321 Press Conference of XIA Junsu 3rd Asia Tour Concert ‘FLOWER’ in Bangkok

By @Lookkaew_SK:

  • Q: Pls say something to your fans
    JS: I have no other words beside ‘thank you’. I haven’t been able to go on TV, so I was afraid you’d forget about me
  • Junsu said he loves coming here. Thailand always has warm weather. The food is great, especially all the fresh tropical fruits
  • JS said he’s happy he could focus entirely on making his 3rd album. He used to be busy w/ musicals, but this time he worked solely on this
  • The MC asked Junsu to say a Thai phrase he learnt. He said ‘Rak Na Joob Joob’, laughed, got embarrassed and hid his face behind his hands
  • Junsu said he always tries to bring his best performance everywhere he goes… to repay all the fans who have been supporting him all along

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Pics Credit: TemTem
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