'Faking It' react: Did Lauren just become the show's most likable character?


High school stereotype: The bubbly blond white girl with a perfect smile is the most popular girl in school.

Faking It-land: Yeah … no. Being different is what’s in, and being the John Hughes stereotype just doesn’t cut it. Hester High is the kind of place where faking homosexuality can actually bump your popularity score up. It’s kind of awesome—unless you’re Lauren.

Lauren has been struggling to fit into the über-progressive world of Hester High since day 1, and at the end of last season, we got a bombshell about our vicious would-be cheerleader of an antagonist: Lauren pops pills. What for, we didn’t know, but whatever the reason, it was enough to send her jocktastic boyfriend, Tommy, running for the hills. Plus, Lauren actually refused to spill the reason to anyone in the finale, so, you know, thank God Faking It got renewed, or we’d never know the amazing, interesting, totally trailblazing reason for Lauren’s medicating:

Lauren is intersex. The news broke on the Internet before the season 2 premiere and, of course, everyone is jazzed. It’s progressive and a giant leap forward for portraying minorities on television. Lauren isn’t defined by being intersex; she’s just a character who happens to also be intersex.

So yeah, Lauren has always been intersex, and yeah, learning about it does definitely humanize her. But you know what humanizes her even more? The fact that she’s becoming (or finally showing that she’s always been) a pretty awesome person and sister.

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THIS WEEK — The Mosaic Project at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design (204 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA 17603).

Two person exhibition with Toyin Odutola and Lydia Panas, opening this week on Friday, October 3rd from 5 - 9 pm

Sorry to be late on this: I have an exhibition coming up this week, which includes a packed Friday with an artist talk open to the public at the college on October 3rd at 10am, followed by a panel discussion later in the evening titled: "The growing cultural acceptability of Manga and graphic novels, and the influence of comics on American culture," with Jamar Nicholas, Bob McLeod, Mike Hawthorne, and Bob Hochgertel (which is also open to the public), beginning at 5:30pm.

The exhibition opens earlier, but I will be present for it later, as well as the reception. 

If y’all are in the area or plan on taking a quick trip, it would be awesome to see you there. As always, thanks for the support!