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The review from billboard was actually pretty great. Less of an emphasis on music snobbery than i would have expected and that we have seen in past reviews. Also of note if there is a push for Niall as the new frontman, he was the only one to receive an individual mention and quote. In sure the could have found other similar quotes referencing rock inspirations from the others. The focus also that Niall plays guitar, appealing to a older demographic of potential fan. There was room to mention c

C. That Louis and Liam had co written the 12 out of 14 traks on midnight memories, that they wrote about. Imo the inclusion of Niall and exclusion of certain details regarding the others is deliberate and also interesting. The motley crew reference was pretty awesome and purposeful to in it’s appeal to an older (male ?) demographic. Fascinated to see where this leads.


I didn’t notice the emphasis on Niall and will have to look back to look! My bigger question is about the politics behind any change in emphasis of band members, if there is any. Azoff, who is probably still in the process of a hostile takeover, or Sony? Who has power and who is doing what? I do think that the plans to rebrand preceded this January.

I’m fascinated too.


Softfuck(s) is one part Sameet Sharma (Softly Ultra) and one part Derek Perlman (666fucktard666). The photos they take will destroy your faith in humanity and at the same time give you hope. Remember that time you pissed out the second story window and forgot to open it? Sameet and Derek do. They are here to document your worst decisions and capture your best.

80 pages of Mcdonald’s and cocaine fueled binges in California. No posers, no purity, no sobriety. Just softfucks. 
Each order includes two 1” buttons 

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THIS WEEK — The Mosaic Project at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design (204 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA 17603).

Two person exhibition with Toyin Odutola and Lydia Panas, opening this week on Friday, October 3rd from 5 - 9 pm

Sorry to be late on this: I have an exhibition coming up this week, which includes a packed Friday with an artist talk open to the public at the college on October 3rd at 10am, followed by a panel discussion later in the evening titled: "The growing cultural acceptability of Manga and graphic novels, and the influence of comics on American culture," with Jamar Nicholas, Bob McLeod, Mike Hawthorne, and Bob Hochgertel (which is also open to the public), beginning at 5:30pm.

The exhibition opens earlier, but I will be present for it later, as well as the reception. 

If y’all are in the area or plan on taking a quick trip, it would be awesome to see you there. As always, thanks for the support!



4. Barcade in Brooklyn, New York

Barcade prides itself on two things: providing delicious craft beer and classic video games. The first venue opened in 2004 in the notoriously hipster neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There are now three other locations in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Available games include Donkey Kong, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more, a full list of which you can find here.


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"After embracing 80’s tunes on their last album, 1D is back with another killer single. Will casual fans care that One Direction is no longer a pop band?" wow, that's really something! billboard.*com/articles/columns/pop-shop/6266636/one-direction-steal-my-girl-four-rock

Yeah, the article was really intense on the rebranding stuff!