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This is terrifying. The BBC article has even left out the fact that those arrested were in fact loyalists- those who won the referendum. Anyone can see how biased the language is. The ‘No’ campaign since winning, have made threats about the city of glasgow (one of the few places that had a majority ‘yes’) and they tried to set the building of ‘the sunday herald’ the only major newspaper in scotland supporting independence on fire.

The BBC as part on the state is supposed to be unbiased. This is not freedom of the media.

As a scottish person, whether you support independence or not, I beg you- signal boost the hell out of this.

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Rita plays Hollywire Hot Seat

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The Riot Club Interview Special | Film4

The University of Pennsylvania ranked as the 34th most musical school in the country, and the school-specific breakdown provides an interesting snapshot of the West Philly ivy league institution’s listening habits…. The school’s taste skews heavily towards pop and electronic music (in line with national trends), with Rhode Island synth rock five-piece Magic Man being a distinct favorite of the U-City crowd along with Ingrid Michaelson, Penn alum John Legend, and (oof) Maroon 5. They’re also fans of nationally-trending artists David Guetta, Iggy Azalea, Coldplay, Calvin Harris and Lorde…
—  Turns out, Penn students really love Magic Man
In the end, listening to 5 Seconds Of Summer on album just doesn’t do them the same justice as seeing them live. On record, they’re a little too polished, but live they’re gritty and dirty and just a whole lot of freaking fun. They let the performance take them away and they push their tempos and their volumes to the brink right up to that breaking point and it is a total treat to see live. 5SOS have proven themselves to be a seriously big deal, and everyone should give them a chance. If you don’t, you’ll be depriving yourself of one helluva time.
—  Emma Garland, ATP (x)
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The “Sherlock” actor dishes on being back with the likes of Keira Knightley in new film “The Imitation Game.” Plus, check out his late Emmy “speech.”