Headcanon: The reason turkish delight is Edmund’s favourite candy is because it reminded him of his dad who had been deployed to Turkey during the war. It was the closest he could be to his dad during the troubling times. So when the White Witch asked Edmund what he wanted most in entire Narnia, apart from being taller, he asked for turkish delight, because the thing Edmund wanted most was to have his father back.


Monsanto connections motivate Iowans to drop support for Hillary Clinton

You Know You’re a True 1790′s Kid If...

You remember the Reign of Terror 

Your listen to REAL music like Mozart and Haydn

George Washington is your TRUE PRESIDENT (fuck James Madison!)

You read all the volumes of Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister’s Apprentice

ONLY 1790s kids will understand this post


President Washington (Born February 22, 1732) was one of the first to ever discover the time machine. Making this discovery in 1750 (age 18) he traveled 169 years into the future to see what the world was like out of curiosity. President Washington ended up in japan in year 1919 (when crystal meth was discovered) he disguised himself and ventured out into the new world he discovered. He befriended a scientist who was the only one who saw through the disguised and stayed with him within his village. When the scientist took him to the laboratory to show him the new drug he began to use. President Washington began to teleport back and forth frequently which is how he starting to lose his teeth by as early as his 20′s which was then replaced with material such as bone, hippopotamus ivory, human teeth from slaves, brass screws, lead, and gold metal wire.

Bernie Sanders has long been a proponent of gender equality. Equal pay for equal work and doors opened for all regardless of gender. Bernie has been a genuine supporter since his early days in congress and would continue to strive for equality as president. Bernie Sanders 2016!

President John Adams (born October 30, 1735) who is the second president of the United States and first president to live in the white house was the only one that was not a slave holder unlike President Washington who had over 300 slaves by the time of his death. He was a romantic poet and when his poetry was read out loud he was laughed at. After that day he made it his mission to cum in everyones soup that was in that room to give them what he called a “piece of his mind”