Thus far, the GOP Presidential candidates are...

1) The guy who thinks “Whites only” businesses should be constitutionally protected

2) The guy who marched under a confederate flag to the white house and then demanded that the first black president and his family come out with their hands up. 

3) The guy who even Ann Coulter thinks is racist.

Well played, guys. Well fucking played. 


Female CEO Says Women ‘Shouldn’t Be President’ Because Of 'Different Hormones,’ 'Biblical Reasoning’

A female CEO in Texas has come under fire this week for saying a woman “shouldn’t be president” because of “different hormones” and “biblical sound reasoning.”

Cheryl Rios, CEO of Dallas marketing and public relations firm Go Ape Marketing, wrote on Facebook that she’d move “to Canada” if Hillary Clinton became head of state

Read on for this woman’s full explanation as to why a woman shouldn’t be president.