Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney slammed President Obama’s foreign policy and declared the Russian reset “one of the most embarrassing incidents in American foreign policy.”

Romney should have been President. But Obama with this teenage girl snappy comebacks is who we have instead. Thank you, America. And Obama, you were wrong. The 80’s did not call asking for the foreign policy back. The future called and was trying to give you a hint like Kyle Reese in Terminator. The joke is on you, Obama.

So I got really tired of seeing the image on top popping up on social media. I made the image below, not to compare Bush to Hitler but to prove a point. Lots of people liked the post when I put it up on Facebook but only one person was paying attention enough to ask for the context of the quotes. People stop letting your opinions be dictated to you by lazy, cheap, inaccurate representations of “news.” You can’t call someone a Nazi just because you don’t like them. Rant. Over.

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