Most of my friends are gay and I didn’t feel like I was playing a specific type of gay woman but I never approached her with the idea of ‘and now I’m playing a lesbian character.’ To me, it’s all the same. There’s no difference…for me, it was more her intellect and her sexuality was a wonderful, beautiful part of her but her intellect was the thing that made her more unique.
—  Tatiana Maslany responds to whether she models Cosima off any Lesbian icons [x]

omg the kisumai busaiku ep tonight nika got 2nd gaya got 3rd (MY BABE HE DID IT XD)
and nika’s obv proud as fuck and he’s like “I’m above gaya! i’m above gaya!!!”
and brings it back up a few moments later like “i got above gaya you guys” and gaya’s just like “*laugh* we know”