you know sometimes i’m having an alright day but then i remember what a shitty time james buchanan barnes had while having his arm hacked off and being replaced with a weapon of mass destruction and having however many volts of electricity sent through his brain and having his memories taken away from him and being abused and neglected and lied to and manipulated and being cryogenically frozen repeatedly against his will and then suddenly i’m not having such a good day anymore

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Thom Yorke - The Present Tense - Citi Wang Theatre Boston 2010-04-08 HD

Toast makes bad graphics when no one asked for them: Favourite Comic Strip Presents Episodes (in no particular order) | A Fistful of Travellers’ Cheques

"That’s a very big bus. There could be six people in there. Jesus, if they only buy coffee it’s a enough to pay the ground rent!"

Thank you #1:  Parents.

My parents sent a large assortment of real dad-shirts, including the one I’m wearing right now, which is almost making me cry.  And they also sent a spinning wheel.  I’m really excited to get that up and working when I have more energy.  For now, though, the dad-shirts are what have my attention and I love them completely.

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(please just view it there i didn’t spend 48 hours on this for tumblr to mess it up please or for no one to see it please)

the idea is that 3khsau pang tong is very sad and zhuge liang is very perfect, but even perfect sleeping dragon has his own sad days. and even though he can kill people with his tongue, he might not be very good at just sharing his problems aloud. 

—>3khsau masterpost<—for more shiyuan and kongming, and a ton of other people!