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Your 'sex normativity' post pretty much hit the nail on the head in my opinion. To me it's not exactly sex in media in general = EVIL!. It's more that there seems to be focus on the idea that people should always be pursuing sex and perpetuating this ridiculous amount of pressure to have sex and a lot of it to be seen and normal and cool is rather unhealthy. I have nothing against sex, but these kind of things seem like overkill and harmful to those who don't want sex for their own reasons.


Kazuhira “Kaz” “Master” “McDonell Benedict” Miller

Frank “Grey Fox” “Null” “Cyborg Ninja” “Deep Throat” Jaeger

“Revolver” “Major” “Liquid” Ocelot, aka “Adam” “Shalashaska” Adamska

John “Jack” aka “Naked” “Punished” Snake, aka “Big Boss”

“Solid” “Old” Snake “Iroquois Pliskin” David

Jack “Jack the Ripper” “the White Devil” “Mr. Lighting Bolt” Raiden

Maisei Williams on Arya, The Hound and the 'Game of Thrones' Finale

How did you play her emotional state as she walked away?

I really don’t think it was spiteful. She doesn’t purposefully leave him there to die. He’s bossed her around for so long, it’s like that final straw of, “Now you take me seriously, and it’s too late.” Her whole life, she’s been desperate to prove to people what she’s capable of. Now the Hound really gets it, and it’s too late. He has almost created a monster and it’s started to backfire on him. That’s a lot for her to deal with as well. She kind of likes him! He really helped her out, and as much as it would be doing him a favor, I don’t think she wants to kill him at all. And possibly walking away is killing him. But in “Game of Thrones,” unless you’ve got a dagger in your heart, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dead.

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